Was Your Home Paint Job Botched or Damaged? Here’s What to Do

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When it comes to home painting, a lot can go wrong, especially if you decide to do it all on your own. This is why it’s always best to hire the most reliable Raleigh house painters you can find. However, even the pros make mistakes sometimes. Or, something may happen after the fact that damages the paint job. In any event, you’ll probably want to fix these mistakes quickly. So, what can you do if your home paint job was botched or damaged?

Have a Scraper and Sander Ready

For painting mistakes, a scraper and sanding tool are your best friends. These tools can take care of the vast majority of painting mishaps, or at least get you on your way to fixing the problem. For instance, if paint splatters on glass surfaces like window frames, a good scraper can easily chip away this unwanted excess.

However, the problem may be more severe. Let’s say that your wall paint is bubbling up. These boils occur when moisture and/or heat get captured between the wall and the paint. Your scraper will come in handy for this problem as well, but more will have to be done afterward. First, scrape the surface to remove all the bubbles. Then, use your sander to smooth down the wall. As you can imagine, you’ll be left with a smooth but bare wall. In other words, you’ll have to prime and paint it again.

The same process applies for paint drips. When brushes and rollers are too wet, paint is often not applied evenly. The thick coat of paint may drip and dry, leaving protrusions that simply have to go. These can be scraped and sanded away as well, and then primed and painted over.

Prepare to Prime

For most botched or damaged paint jobs, a new coat (or two) will have to be applied. As previously mentioned, you’ll want to go over the surface with a new coat of primer and then paint after removing bubbles or drips. But the same rule applies to other scenarios as well, such as uneven, streaky paint jobs, tape lines and ceiling marks.

Most of these cases occur from improper preparation, painting technique, or old brushes and rollers. Failing to maintain a wet roller edge, for instance, often leads to roller marks, which look unsightly after drying. Similarly, leaving painter’s tape on for too long may tear away some paint, requiring a new coat of primer and paint. For novice DIY painters, sometimes the problem is simply failing to apply a second or third coat of paint. If this is the case, the fix is easy: get more paint and add another layer.

Call the Professionals

Whether from your own doing or an unreliable painting service, a botched paint job is not the end of the world. Any mistake can be fixed, especially by a reputable Raleigh house painting company. Better yet, these professionals can often handle other painting and home improvement needs. If you’re thinking of painting a room two colors, finally staining that deck, patching up that drywall, or just getting that bad paint job fixed, Anderson painting contractors have you covered. To learn more about us and our services, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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