Things to Consider Before Installing a Garage Floor Coating

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We have recently received lots of questions from clients about our garage floor coatings. Particularly on how our line of polyurea floor coatings compare to other products on the market. There are a few things to consider before purchasing a DIY floor coating product or scheduling a company to install a floor coating system in your garage.

Garage Floor Coating

We have created a list of the four most important factors to consider prior to upgrading your garage floor.

They are:

  • Current Condition
  • Performance
  • Aesthetic
  • Service

Current Condition

It is important to take into consideration the condition of the existing concrete surface in your garage when deciding to install a concrete floor coating. Cracks, pits and stains can affect the integrity of floor coatings and decrease the longevity of the product if these issues are not repaired prior to installation.

It is necessary to conduct a thorough assessment of your current concrete and take notes that can be passed along to the person who will be installing your new floor coating. Most concrete stains can be removed by grinding the concrete which in turn provides a clean surface on which a new floor coating can be installed. Most minor and moderate cracks and pits can be corrected using a mender product that expands and contracts with the concrete to prevent the issue from progressing. It is critical that your concrete is properly prepared for installation to increase the life of your new floor coating.

Concrete Repair


Another factor to consider is the amount of use your garage floor is subject to on a regular basis. You should look for a product that is durable enough to withstand the degree of use that you have in mind. For instance, it would be beneficial to take into consideration factors such as the weight of your vehicle, any chemicals commonly used in your garage as well as potential damage from conditions such as hot tires or sun exposure. At Anderson Painting we are confident that our polyurea floor coatings will provide a durable surface for everyday use in your garage and we offer our clients a 15-year warranty on all residential projects.


The most common reason we hear from our clients for choosing to install a concrete floor coating is to improve the visual appearance of their garage. The advantage to using concrete coatings is that there are many color options to choose from. This allows homeowners to pick a coating that best matches their specific project and personal preferences. A preferred option for many homeowners is to select a flooring style that can hide certain dirt and debris that may accumulate in their garage. It also beneficial to look for a product that repels stains caused by oil and grease to prevent your garage from returning to its original condition.

Before & After

Garage before floor coating
Garage Floor Coating


When making the decision to install a garage floor coating a homeowner should either conduct research on the company they are considering hiring or take into consideration the consequences of tackling the project DIY.

During this phase of research it is important to take into account factors such as the estimated duration of the project, warranties offered and the company’s history, if you’re a hiring a contractor. The polyurea floor coating system used by our company can be installed in a single day. We understand that cleaning out your garage for the purpose of installing a floor coating can be quite the task, however, the quick cure time of our product allows homeowners to move their belongings back into their garage the next day. Unlike off the shelf products purchased from a hardware store, our floor coatings are backed by a 15-year warranty. If you are going to make the investment in a garage floor coating be aware whether or not the product you’re using is protected by a warranty. Lastly, if you are hiring a contractor to complete the work be sure to check the company’s online presence for reviews and testimonies from past clients.

100% satisfied garage floor coatings

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