The Power of Penntek Floors for Raleigh Residences

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When it comes to flooring, Anderson Painting always suggests Penntek floor coating. This durable material is low maintenance and easy to install, along with numerous other upsides. Explore these benefits, as well as the difference that proper installation makes for this project.

What Is Penntek Coating Made Of?

Before getting into the power of Penntek, you likely want an answer to, “What is Penntek coating made of?” Penntek is actually a multi-layered coating. The primer and basecoat are made of industrial epoxy floor paint. The top coat is made from polyurea, a flexible, durable, and moisture- and chemical-resistant material. It also prevents cracking.

For reference, Penntek Chip Floor Finishes are made of four layers. It all starts with the properly prepared substrate. On top of that sits a polyurea basecoat for the broadcast system. The broadcast polymer flake blend of your choice sits on top of this. Finally, there is a polyaspartic polyurea top coat.

The Penntek Solid Floor Finish also has four layers but with some differences. It also starts with a properly prepared substrate. A tinted color coat goes on top. Then, a single-component polyurea primer sits above that. Finally, the coating has a polyaspartic top coat.

There is also a Shop Floor Finish, although you are unlikely to have that installed in your home. This finish includes five layers. From bottom to top, they are the properly prepared substrate, the tinted polyurea basecoat and primer, a full broadcast of dry sand, the tinted top coat, and an optional additional tinted top coat.

Benefits of Penntek Floor Coatings

Let’s go over some reasons to consider Penntek flooring for your home.


Penntek is an industry leader when it comes to flooring durability. Epoxy is a very common choice for flooring, but Penntek scores higher than epoxy.

Penntek does better than epoxy in every assessment of durability. It is stronger and more flexible. The floors are also more resistant to impact, UV rays, chemicals, moisture, and abrasion. Penntek is less likely to delaminate or discolor because of prolonged heat exposure or sustained pressure. The flexibility of polyurea coatings like Penntek makes them ideal for floors with unconventional shapes.

This superior durability means that you won’t have to replace your Penntek floors anytime soon, even in high-traffic areas like your garage or porch.

Good for All Weather

When installed properly, Penntek floors do well in nearly all weather. They can handle hot and cold weather without sacrificing durability or appearance.


Durability and longevity tend to go hand in hand, and Penntek is no exception to this fact. If you want to know how long polyurea floor coating lasts—especially Penntek—you will surely be impressed. This particular type of polyurea coating lasts decades. By contrast, most epoxy coatings will only last about three to five years. If you want a specific answer to, “How long does polyurea floor coating last?” you’ll be pleased to know that Penntek floors last 25 years on average. That is five times as long as epoxy flooring.

Keep that long-lasting nature of the coating in mind when you consider Penntek garage floor cost. Yes, you will initially shell out more, but you will save money over time thanks to a very low cost per year of use.

As a bonus, the long-lasting nature of Penntek coatings doesn’t just save you money. It also saves you the time you would have to spend every few years moving furniture out of the way and letting installers into your home.


You want your home to reflect your style and be a place of rest. Penntek floors easily allow for this thanks to numerous appearance options, which also allow you plenty of customization. Best of all, regardless of the color and chip options you choose, you will appreciate the high-gloss finish that gives Penntek floors that clean and sleek look.


With Penntek, you can choose from numerous custom colors. From there, you select a texture and finish that you prefer. You can customize your Penntek flooring to work perfectly in your space, no matter the theme or color scheme you’re working with. You can choose from options like solid colors, chip concrete, quartz, metallics, and more. There is a wide range of pre-tinted colors available for Penntek coatings, as well as the ability to customize the hue.

Ease of Installation

Penntek coatings are fast and easy to install for those with the right certifications. In fact, installing a Penntek floor coating can be done within just 24 hours because polyurea floors cure much quicker than epoxy. As a refresher, epoxy floors typically take two days to install, plus two days to cure.

Part of the reason installing Penntek coatings is so simple is that the products are self-leveling and trouble-free. The manufacturer specifically designed it to be easy to install and cure quickly, letting you get on with your project in record time.

This feature minimizes the disruption to your life, as you won’t have to deal with strangers in your home for long. When installing Penntek floors in your basement, you can return your furniture to its designated space and start reorganizing the room right away. In the case of garage coatings, you can park inside your garage again, protecting your car from the elements.

Low Maintenance

In addition to easy installation, Penntek coatings are very easy to maintain. The surface is smooth because of the polyurea. This kind of surface will enable you to sweep and wash the floors easily.

Safety and Slip Resistance

Slip resistance is important in residences and commercial buildings. After all, you don’t want to slip and injure yourself while walking across your garage, basement floor, or patio.

With areas like patios and garages, the risk of slipping can be even greater when it snows or rains and you track that moisture in. You especially don’t want to worry about someone slipping if children regularly play in your space or seniors frequently pass through the area.

This is where the slip resistance of Penntek coatings comes in handy. The chip system in Penntek coatings adds not only a visual texture but also a physical texture. This system makes the floor slip-resistant, dramatically reducing the risk of someone injuring themselves while playing or even just walking across the room.


Penntek floors are highly durable, with the company offering a warranty to back up this claim. They come with a 15-year product warranty when installed by certified installers. As mentioned, your floor can potentially last an additional decade. But even if it lasts for only the 15 years covered by the warranty, Penntek floors still last three times as long as the average epoxy floor.

Why Work with Certified Installers

Once you decide to get a Penntek floor, you need to choose the right contractor. Specifically, make it a point to work with a certified installer like us at Anderson Painting. Even with a positive answer to, “Is Penntek better than epoxy?” its advantage decreases without proper installation.

Proper installation of Penntek can be done in less than 24 hours only if the installers have training and experience. A mistake during installation can reduce the longevity and durability of the floor. On top of that, it will be much harder, and possibly impossible, to make a warranty claim if you don’t hire a certified installer. As such, expect a slightly higher Penntek garage floor cost if it means you will be using certified installers.

Upgrade your property with paint and work with experts to install your Penntek flooring. If you need additional carpentry work before a paint job, get the convenience of hiring the same contractor. Learn more about paint and Penntek flooring from Anderson Painting.

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