Rotted Wood Replacement Services: The Anderson Painting Process

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Wood has been used inside and outside of homes for countless generations for its beauty, versatility, and durability. Sturdy as some wood may be, however, all materials are susceptible to damage. Moisture, extreme temperatures, wind, pests, and other environmental factors can deteriorate wooden features over time. If not protected or maintained, this damage may take the form of rot.

Rotted wood presents a health and safety hazard, and needs to be repaired or replaced quickly. Weakened structures such as porch or deck beams pose the biggest threat. Anderson Painting contractors include skilled carpenters trained in the repair and replacement of rotted wood to keep your home safe and looking great. Let’s go over the process.

Inspection and Quote

At Anderson Painting, we care about transparency with all our customers. Before we begin, we walk around the home with the homeowner(s) to point out each instance of wood rot. This way, there is no confusion about what needs to be addressed and why. We can then create an estimate based on the severity of damage, the number of areas affected, etc.

But the transparency doesn’t end there. As our crew gets to work they may notice additional areas of damage or rot not previously accounted for. If this occurs, we’ll immediately notify the homeowner(s) and revise the quote accordingly.

Replacement and Repair

Once all the rotted wood has been identified, it’s time to repair or replace the affected spots. The decision to repair or replace the wood depends on the surface area and depth of the rot. If the rot is relatively isolated, repairing is usually the more efficient option. However, if the rot affects large areas or the wood, it might be time to replace the piece entirely.

Whether repairing or replacing, our people typically use cellular PVC or Hardie Plank as a substitute material for wood. Both types of material look like wood and are even more durable and flexible. By installing PVC or Hardie Plank instead of new wood, you can rest assured that rot won’t affect the same area again.

Go Over the Work with Client

Once our contractors have completed the repair process, the crew leader will then revisit all work done with the homeowner(s). This is where the customer can ask any questions or raise concerns about the job. This step is important because it provides a checkup before we begin any painting or sealing work.

Painting and Cleanup

Bare PVC or Hardie Plank won’t look so good if not blended properly with the existing wooden features. Fortunately, as a Raleigh painting company, painting is our specialty. We’ll paint over all the repaired areas to make sure everything looks even and seamless. If the homeowner wants additional painting beyond these areas, we will do that as well. Our Raleigh house painters can also apply new deck stain to help prevent a wooden deck or porch from future instances of rot.

Then, when all is said and done, our entire crew performs a thorough cleanup. This includes removing debris and paint chips, disposing of damaged wood or unused materials, and ensuring that the entire work area looks as good as new.

Whatever the wooden feature, our crew can fix it or replace it. We’ve handled everything from roof corners, window sills, door frames, and more. If there’s rot, we’ll catch it. For more information on our services, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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