Pink, Blue, or Something New? Ideas for Painting Your Nursery

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No time is more exciting, terrifying, and confusing than preparing to have a child. There is so much to think about in the eight to nine months leading up to birth. During this time, parents will discuss names, finances, and home arrangements to make room for the child (or children). Ideally, homeowners will have a room they can turn into a nursery. But a nursery is more than a hollow room with a crib. It should give off an atmosphere of comfort, wonder, and joy to brighten the newborn’s mood, help them sleep, and stimulate their fast-growing brain.

A big part of fostering this positive environment is deciding which color, or colors, to paint the room. Yes, yet another decision. But before you get too overwhelmed, here are some ideas to help you figure out how to paint your nursery.

Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls?

For decades, boys and girls were often assigned blue and pink respectively as gender signifiers. Following this convention, parents might paint their little girl’s room pink, or their boy’s blue. Today, a contingent of upcoming parents no longer care about these color assignments or gender roles, however. Some still do, of course. The point is, colors don’t have to directly represent a gender or anything else.

Still, both light blue and light pink make for relaxing nursery colors. If painting a room two colors, pink and blue can work well together, sort of like cotton candy. Whites and light grays can be incorporated to accent and lighten up the room even more.

Purple Offers the Best of Both Worlds

If you would rather keep the nursery one color, light purple is a good alternative to blue and pink. In fact, it captures elements of both colors well. And the lighter the better. So, try going for lavender, periwinkle, heather, or lilac. Contrast these walls with white trim and white furniture for a truly tranquil nursery.

Beige for the Babies

If you’re noticing a trend here, it’s that lighter, softer shades are often best for nurseries. Too much saturation can make a room feel small and tense. But if you’d rather stay away from blues, pinks, and purples, beige and earthy tones can do the trick, too. These colors will help you and your child relax. Our brains use up a lot of energy processing colors and light throughout the day, and neutral tones offer a reprieve from these mental efforts. It should be easy for your baby to fall asleep in a beige, neutral nursery.

Get Creative!

A nursery should be a place for a child to wind down and rest, but it should also provide some stimulation when it’s time to wake up. Parents should consider decorating the space, perhaps with artwork, trinkets, and other visual objects. When it comes to hiring Raleigh house painters, see if the walls can’t be painted with unique designs rather than a solid color. Or, hire an artist to paint cute animals, trains, or other objects of interest on one of the walls. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make the space special for your child. A clean, solid color room with white trim looks great for photos, but what’s best for your baby?

Ask Professional Painters

You may have some ideas for painting your nursery, but if you want some extra input, ask your Raleigh house painting service. Painting professionals will know the details about how colors darken as the paint dries, which colors contrast best, which finish works best for nurseries, and more. Anderson Painting contractors are also happy to help make any repairs in drywall or carpentry.

No matter the color or design, you want your child to have the best nursery possible. We can help you make this a reality. To learn more about us and our services, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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