Paint Colors that Promote Productivity and Employee Happiness

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Our immediate environment has a major impact on our mood and behavior. For many people, a large chunk of their time is spent at work, sometimes in an office. Because so much time is spent in the office, the way this space looks can make a big difference in how employees feel and how productively they work. Of course, happiness and productivity are related, so the happier employees are, the harder they’ll work, and the better they’ll feel about their work.

Something as simple as changing up the office’s color palette can go a long way to improving mood for all staff members. In fact, some particular colors might even promote productivity and encourage happiness. Let’s examine these colors and explore how they might benefit office life.

Let the Brain Juices Flow with Greens

Green is often called the color of life, a fitting name for the color that marks up a large swath of plant life. Perhaps our attraction to the color green is biological and evolutionary. Whatever the case, it seems that shades of green can yield several benefits to brain function, including added focus and boosted creativity. More and more modern offices are painting their walls green, or at the very least incorporating different plant species into the workplace in order to keep the atmosphere lively. It seems that lighter, brighter shades of green encourage creativity while darker tones enhance focus.

White. Wait, What?

If anything, it seems that white walls would be the least inspiring, most boring option for an office, antithetical to promoting productivity and happiness. However, a white space can actually do just the opposite in the right conditions. For one thing, white walls make a workplace seem larger and more open. Wide open spaces are often conducive to improving mood and relieving stress. Additionally, white walls are perfect for emphasizing natural light from outside. So if your office features large windows, white walls can brighten everyone’s work day.

Orange for a Burst of Energy

Something about orange screams energy. Maybe it has some connection to the orange foods we eat, which are often tangy and sweet, giving us a jolt of energy. This bright color is eye-popping but also warm, with a good balance between painfully striking hues and drowsy dark ones. Introducing orange paint in the office can contribute greatly to increased productivity and energy.

Two Colors – Better than One?

Contrast makes life interesting. This applies to food, experiences, and scenery. The interplay of textures, flavors, and colors stimulate our brains, often making us happier and more alert. So while single colors can promote productivity and happiness, painting a room two colors or more in the workplace might have an even stronger effect.

For starters, it’s best to use contrasting colors so that one wall makes the others pop. In general, purples make yellows stand out, blues and oranges go well together, as do blues and reds. In fact, certain hues of blue and red might have the strongest link to employee productivity and happiness, especially when used in concert. Researchers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute discovered a connection between alertness and blue and red lighting. More research has to be done on the topic, but it seems to be related to human biomarkers, or measurements of biological states.

The aesthetic of an office is only part of the equation for employee happiness and productivity, but it’s a big part, from the lighting to the painted walls to the epoxy floor paint. If you’re thinking about revamping your office, contact Anderson Painting. We’re a customer-focused painting company located in North Carolina that also offers power washing, siding repair, drywall repair, flooring, and more. Of all the Raleigh painting companies out there, we have the most to offer. Give us a call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at for an estimate!

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