Most Common Fence Repairs to Look Out for to Avoid Even Bigger Issues

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A sturdy fence protects your property while enhancing its curb appeal -- but what’s protecting your fence? Just like your property’s other exterior features, your fence is susceptible to various environmental threats, including moisture, sunlight, pests, wind, and more. While you can’t prevent the climate from doing what it does, you can preserve your fencing through periodic maintenance and repair work. Of course, staying on top of this maintenance is easier once you know what problems to look for. Here are some of the most common fence repairs to watch for and how to prevent and fix them to avoid even bigger issues.

Common Fence Damages to Repair

Rot or Water Damage

If your outdoor fence is constructed from wood, moisture is a primary culprit of fence problems. Whether from groundwater or precipitation, moisture will find its way into any pores, seams, and cracks present in your wooden fencing. From there, the water will expand and contract with temperature fluctuations and provide optimal conditions for fungi to thrive. Over time, your fence may fracture and undergo mold, mildew, and/ or rot. If the damage is widespread enough, you may need to replace portions of your fencing. Otherwise, applying certain products (i.e., mildewcide) and patching cracks with proper filler can save your damaged wood. Periodic fence staining or painting will protect your fence from further water intrusion and rot by blocking its pores.

Pest Problems

Many pests are attracted to wood, so your wooden fence can quickly become a target for wood-boring insects like carpenter ants/bees, powerpost beetles, termites, and more. This particular problem is usually easy to identify, as you’ll notice holes of various sizes and shapes in your fencing. The sooner you catch this problem, the easier it is to resolve. Most of these holes can be filled. If you wait too long, however, portions of your fence may be beyond repair, as enough holes can weaken its structural integrity. Doing some exterior painting, staining, and/or sealing will protect your fence from pests. It’s also crucial to keep your fence clean, as dirt and debris may attract certain pests to your fence’s surfaces.

Leaning or Sagging

Fences are supposed to stand upright, perpendicular to the ground. However, as the earth shifts and wind blows, parts of your fence may start to lean or sag. These issues aren’t just eyesores -- they can render your fence useless and may point to deeper structural problems that deserve your attention. For instance, erosion at the base of your fence might be to blame for its prone state. It might be worth hiring a landscape expert to examine your soil and fencing to rule out this problem. If wind is the main culprit, you might simply need to reposition the leaning posts, securing them into the ground once more.

Damaged or Missing Panels/Boards

Damaged and missing boards or panels usually result from extreme winds and/or impact. If a panel has fallen away but hasn’t gone too far, you can simply reattach it. Otherwise, you’ll want to make measurements and purchase replacements. As for damaged boards, your course of action will depend on the extent of damage. If a chunk of material is gone, you might consider replacing it with a smaller piece of fencing or replacing the rest of the panel entirely. Once everything is back in order, complete the repair by applying the same type and color of paint or stain for a seamless look.

With so many parts of your property to care for, your fence might not always receive the attention it requires. Do your fence and yourself a favor this season and check on your fencing. If you have any concerns, the deck and fence staining/repair pros at Anderson Painting are just a call or click away. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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