Is It Time to Replace Your Home’s Siding? Learn What to Look For

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Properly installed siding is a great feature for a home. Not only does it increase a home’s curb appeal and therefore its market value, but it also saves the homeowner hundreds of dollars or more on energy costs each year. Siding protects a home’s exterior from excessive sunlight, heat, moisture, and wind damage. It helps insulate a home to maintain a comfortable indoor climate all year round. However, siding doesn’t last forever. While new vinyl siding can have a lifespan of 25 to 40 years, environmental damage can take its toll over time, especially in more turbulent seasons. If you notice any of these things, it might be time to contact Anderson Painting to replace your home’s siding.

Visible Signs of Damage or Rot

The most straightforward sign is visible damage. You should inspect your home’s exterior every three to six months to look for early signs of rot or physical damage. Rot is typically caused by a buildup of moisture. This means that part of your siding is no longer doing its job. If left unchecked, this rot can find its way into your home, so it’s best to replace these areas as soon as possible.

Other signs of damage such as chips, cracks, and holes might not seem like a big deal, but should be addressed as well. These bruises were most likely caused by falling branches or other debris sent by the wind. Any breach, no matter how small, can allow moisture, pests, and other harmful materials in. This can lead to further damage in a short amount of time. If you notice these visible signs of damage, Anderson Painting contractors can further assess the damage and replace your siding.

Warping and Bending

Siding should always lay flat on a home’s exterior. If you notice panels warping, it could mean a number of things. It most likely means that moisture or other material is trapped underneath the siding and expanding. If so, this can cause siding panels to break and let more moisture in. When siding isn’t snug to your home, it does a worse job of protecting and insulating your home as well.

Interior Damage

When checking for signs of damage to your siding, don’t just look outside. If your interior is showing signs of decay, poor siding could be the culprit. Check the corners of your walls and ceilings. Is moisture, rot, or mildew forming? This could be a plumbing issue or something else, but it could also be coming from the outside of your home. Siding is supposed to keep these harmful environmental factors away from your interior. If you see them creeping in, inspect your exterior for breaches. Be sure to hire a contractor to determine the cause, and then seek out Raleigh house painters to refresh your home’s interior.

Increase in Energy Bills

So far these signs have been visible and fairly extreme. Sometimes, however, the sign is hidden. If you notice an unexpected climb in your energy bill, consider the potential causes. If you can’t think of a good reason, your siding could be the culprit. New, secure siding helps keep a home insulated, therefore reducing its energy costs. When siding is damaged or improperly installed, your home wastes energy. It costs more to keep the interior warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This waste of energy can translate to a waste of hundreds of dollars over time, so it’s best to replace your siding for the long run.

Remember, if you have siding, do your best to maintain it. Regularly power washing and painting your siding will help protect your home from moisture and mildew. Anderson Painting and Power Washing can clean and paint your siding when it’s time to freshen it up. With our range of services and expertise, we go above and beyond your average Raleigh house painting service. Contact us today at 919-610-1855, or email us at!

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