Is How You Paint Your Office Part of Your Brand?

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Freshly painted office wall

Painting your office is not just a chore for your to-do list, it’s an important step in defining your brand identity.

How to Paint Your Office for Branding

What’s Your Brand Identity?

Your brand is how you define your relationship with your customers and how they perceive your company.

People form their impression of your brand from your advertising, your product itself, or how they felt about their last experience with you.

Your brand identity is made up of the visible aspects of your brand that cause someone to immediately recognize you and set you apart from your competitors (source: ebaqdesign).

If customers and clients see consistency, quality, and appealing aesthetics in your office space, it can only help to bolster their trust in your credibility and improve their experience with your business.

How Can Painting Your Office Boost Your Brand?

Since brand identity has everything to do with visual impact, painting can definitely give it a boost.

  • Your Color Palette: In your brand book or style guide, you should have a color palette that is specifically associated with your branding. Your office painter can help you match paint colors to your brand color palette using the corresponding color codes (the collection of letters and numbers that help painters identify a specific color among similar shades).
  • Your Paint Design: You can employ painting design techniques to evoke certain moods or reactions in your office interior. You may want to paint accent walls to draw attention to certain areas or to make a space look more open. You may decide to paint ceilings to make a room appear larger. Or you may choose a modern style to call innovation and creativity to mind.

Your painter can show you their portfolio and help you use the color wheel to choose complementary and accenting colors to make any room in your office inviting to guests and impressive to customers.

  • Getting the Details Right: Painting around windows, keeping trim painted, and making sure your doors look great are details that could help you make a great first impression. And making sure your office exterior looks great may go a long way toward getting more people in the door.

When you hire an office painter, they’ll be sure to check these areas and include any necessary detail work in your painting project.

  • Regular Upkeep: Maintaining the look and feel of your office is critical to your brand. How you treat your own space (or if you neglect it) sends a strong message to potential customers about how you may handle their business. Be sure to regularly check for signs of paint damage (especially in high-traffic areas like stairs, restrooms, hallways, and around desks).

Work with your office painting team to develop a proactive approach to painting maintenance so you’re always hitting the right notes when it comes to creating a great experience for your customers and your team.

Does Your Office Painter Understand Branding?

Anderson Painting has worked with business leaders throughout Raleigh and the Triangle who trust us with their office space.

We’ll treat your office, your schedule, and your demands with respect. We can create a project plan with you that gets painting done without disruption.

And our experience with painting maintenance means we know where to look for signs of damage and when to schedule upkeep projects, so you never have to wonder if your office reflects your commitment to excellence.

Get your office in step with your branding. Call Anderson Painting for your commercial painting estimate today.

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