Improve Your Business’s Curb Appeal with These 5 Commercial Painting Services

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If you own a business, you want to do everything in your power to get more customers and clients in the door. In addition to implementing clever marketing and maintaining a sterling reputation, the best way to do this is by enhancing your business’s curb appeal. The better your property looks from the street, the more welcoming it becomes.

There are many ways to improve your curb appeal. Investing in landscaping and better signage can make a big difference, for instance. More importantly, though, a fresh coat of paint can transform your business’s appearance. Hiring a commercial painting service, then, is key to making your business more beautiful. But before you dive in, look for Raleigh painting companies that offer more than just painting services. After all, there’s more to curb appeal than a new paint job. Anderson Painting offers several additional services that can bring your business’s look to the next level. Here are 5 commercial painting services we offer.

1. Exterior Commercial Painting

To get the obvious out of the way, we offer exterior commercial painting services. No matter the size or purpose of your business, we’re happy to paint every side. Our contractors take care of every step of preparation as well, including lead paint removal if necessary. We use Sherwin-Williams paint with a 25-year warranty so you can rest assured that your business will stay fresh for years to come.

2. Power Washing

Part of the preparation for exterior painting involves power washing. We do this to rid the surface of dirt, dust, mold, and/or mildew. This not only makes your business safer, but it also makes painting much easier and more effective afterward. The paint adheres better to a clean, smooth surface. You can rely on Anderson Painting and Power Washing to improve both the look and safety of your business.

3. Deck Staining

Some businesses, especially bars and restaurants, feature decks for their customers to relax outside. A deck can add a lot of value to a business, making it more accessible, welcoming, and enticing for prolonged stays. However, because they’re outside and receive so much foot traffic, decks can deteriorate over time. This doesn’t just look bad for a business, it may pose a safety risk as well. To protect your deck from water damage, rot, and other forms of harm, Anderson Painting can apply deck stain as well. We’ll make sure that every potential customer will want to spend some time on your deck.

4. Siding Installation

No matter the building, siding always looks great. It also protects the structure from environmental damage. Anderson Painting contractors are skilled in installing and repairing siding. If you want to radically alter your business’s appearance, having siding installed is a great way to make your property stand out.

5. Carpentry and Trim Repair

Lastly, Anderson Painting offers woodworking and trim repair services. Wooden features give a business an authentic, rustic feel. Therefore, it’s imperative for business owners to take care of these features. Likewise, proper trim enhances the features of a business’s exterior. If any of these structures need fixing or replacing, we’re happy to help.

You may be surprised at the breadth of services a painting company may offer. If you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your business, Anderson Painting offers all the services you could possibly need to get the job done. Whether you need painting, power washing, deck staining, siding installation, or carpentry, call us today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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