How to Reduce Professional Painting Costs in Cary, NC

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Considering that Cary, North Carolina boasts the highest property values in the Triangle area, it’s no wonder that painting costs tend to follow suit. If you own a home in Cary, NC, then, you might be putting off painting projects to avoid high prices, even if such projects are long overdue. With the proper planning, though, you can decrease the costs associated with a high-quality home makeover. Here’s how to reduce professional painting costs in Cary, NC, and elsewhere.

How to Save Money on Painting

Compare Multiple Estimates

Before you hire house painters in Cary, NC, do some research. A cursory online search will reveal dozens upon dozens of local painters bidding for your attention and business. It pays to read online reviews, browse company websites and social media pages, and reach out to some of these businesses to get a sense of their offerings, transparency, quality of services, reliability, and so on. Once you’ve narrowed the field down to a few options, get an estimate from each candidate and compare their offers. Doing so will help you better negotiate with the painter of your choice and put your project into perspective.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

The most expensive paint jobs result from a lack of ongoing maintenance. Simply put, the more neglected a surface is, the more work is required to restore its integrity and appearance. By keeping up with routine maintenance, your painters won’t require as many resources to complete the job, saving you time and money.

Prioritize Your Project

The overall cost of a painting project is determined by the cost of materials and labor. The larger the scope of your project, then, the more expensive it will be. A key way to reduce professional painting costs is by shrinking the size of the undertaking -- focus on what needs to get done and trim the fat. Sure, you might want to invest in power washing and a full repaint of your home’s exterior, but you might be better off putting that on hold for the time-being and prioritize your interiors instead (or vice versa).

Put in Some of the Work Beforehand

While your painting provider can handle all of the prep work that must take place before painting begins, understand that this effort translates to higher labor costs. By taking care of some of this preliminary work yourself, you can significantly reduce the size of your bill. For instance, in preparation for interior painting, you might take it upon yourself to move furniture out of the room, clean the area, remove frames and decor, cover fixed features with tarp or plastic, and so on.

Aim for Fewer Coats

There are also ways to reduce the costs associated with the materials required for your painting project. The more paint needed to effectively coat your surfaces, the more costly your project will be. For instance, if you opt to paint over darker surfaces with lighter colors or consider painting a room two colors, etc., these choices will bump up your bill. Conversely, painting over lighter surfaces with a darker color will decrease the number of coats you’ll need, as will selecting a single color for a room as opposed to several. Of course, shaving off some dollars might not be worth sacrificing your vision -- this is a matter of preference and budget necessity.

Schedule Strategically

Finally, the time of year (and time of day) you hire professional painters can also have an impact on painting costs. Generally speaking, winter tends to yield the cheapest painting prices due to reduced demand for painting services. Individual painting companies may also have unique off-hours and peak hours, during which prices can fluctuate. It’s worth reaching out to a candidate and asking if there are certain times when they’re most available and least expensive. As long as they can work according to your schedule, you might as well seek the lowest-priced periods on offer.

There’s no such thing as a free paint job -- whether you do it all yourself or hire professionals, the materials and labor come at a cost. The advice outlined here should help keep you from breaking your budget while still receiving the results you’re looking for. At Anderson Painting, we offer free, transparent quotes to help residents in Cary, NC and the Triangle Area properly plan their painting project.

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