How to Prepare Your Retail Store for Black Friday

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Store during Black Friday

For brick and mortar stores, last year’s Black Friday was relatively low-key for all too obvious reasons. This year, however, a surge in sales is likely to occur the day after Thanksgiving. Even if you continue to enforce certain restrictions, you can expect a larger crowd this Black Friday, so you must be well prepared. Here’s how to get your retail store ready for Black Friday 2021.

How to Prepare Retail Store for Black Friday

Get Your Staff and Inventory in Order

When times are “normal,” it makes sense to base staffing, stocking, and sale decisions on the previous year’s performance. Of course, last year was far from the status quo, and this year hasn’t been completely normal, either. As such, you might find it more difficult than usual to determine how many shifts you’ll need to fill, the optimal amount of inventory, and so on. Still, it’s a safe bet to shoot a bit higher than last year, both in terms of staffing and inventory. Whatever you do, however, don’t wait until the last minute to make these decisions, as you might be left without enough employees or products to suit the amount of activity you receive this Black Friday. As a general rule, it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Start Marketing

Speaking of starting soon, now’s a great time to get your marketing materials in order for Black Friday. Yes, it might seem too early to start thinking about the end of November, but you want as many people as possible to know about the various sales you’ll be offering when the time comes. Plus, most of your competitors won’t wait to advertise for Black Friday, so getting a head start is a great way to keep a competitive edge.

Make Way for Increased Foot Traffic

There’s no telling exactly how many shoppers you’ll receive this Black Friday, but odds are it will be more volume than you receive on an average day. If you have limited space, try to find ways to allow for increased foot traffic (especially during these times of social distancing). And even if your retail space is plenty big, the more room for customers, the better. As you shift things around, focus on crafting eye-catching displays to emphasize your Black Friday sales and seasonal items.

Make Your Exterior More Enticing

Black Friday isn’t just a day for great deals and hectic shopping -- it’s also a prime opportunity to attract and gain new customers. To make the most out of this special day, some exterior updates may be in order. For starters, autumn is a great time to pressure wash your building, removing summer grime and gearing up for winter. Also, if it’s been several years since your last paint touch-up or you want to introduce new colors, you might consider commercial exterior painting. While November may be a bit late for an exterior painting project, September and October are often ideal months for outdoor painting in Raleigh, NC thanks to moderate temperatures, decent daylight, and drier air. If you’re not sure how to approach this project, professional painters can help you pick out commercial exterior paint colors and find the best time to refresh your property.

Refresh Your Interior Spaces

The way your store looks on the inside matters too, so think about painting your interior walls, ceilings, and other surfaces in preparation for Black Friday. A quality commercial interior painting job won’t just impress your customers and build brand loyalty -- it will also protect your surfaces from this surge of activity. The last thing you want is to contend with a scratched, beaten up interior following Black Friday. For all these reasons, a fresh coat of paint (or two) is a solid investment this month.

Fortify Your Floors

Finally, don’t forget about your floors. Whether your store features commercial concrete floors or some other type of flooring, they’ll be inundated with activity from Black Friday until the new year. To ensure the safety of all employees and shoppers and maintain the integrity of your store’s floors, carefully inspect them this season and make all necessary repairs. Additionally, consider hiring flooring professionals to seal your floors with the appropriate materials (e.g., polyurea or epoxy for concrete floors). Properly coated floors are stronger, longer-lasting, safer, easier to clean, and more beautiful.

Black Friday Is Back -- Be Retail Ready

No one knows exactly what Black Friday will look like for physical stores this year, but it’s best to prepare for any outcome. If you want to bring in more customers, increase profits, and protect your property from increased foot traffic, reliable commercial painters are your greatest allies this season. At Anderson Painting, we offer a variety of commercial services to help you gear up for Black Friday and beyond, including interior & exterior painting, carpentry, pressure washing, siding repair, flooring, and much more.

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