How to Plan Interior Painting at Your Busy Daycare Business

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Running a daycare isn’t exactly a walk in the park, even if you’re only dealing with a handful of kids. Taking care of multiple children is challenging enough -- finding time to renovate your business may seem impossible when things are really busy. However, neglecting the integrity and atmosphere of your daycare will only harm your endeavor in the long run. The most successful daycares are those with modern, durable infrastructure, and fresh interior paint is part of this equation. So, how can you plan an interior painting project in such an intensive environment? Let’s discuss some key strategies.

How to Plan Painting of a Daycare

Settle on the Scope of Your Project from the Start

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This quote certainly applies to all painting projects. The first preparation to make when gearing up to paint your daycare’s interior is determining the overall scope of the project. Consider how many rooms you wish to paint, which surfaces require touching up (e.g., walls, ceilings, floors, etc.), and what you hope the final results will look like in the end. If you don’t take the time to figure these things out, you’ll end up flailing around at various stages, resulting in wasted time, energy, and money.

For instance, you might realize halfway through your project that your daycare requires commercial floor paint -- by this point, you might not easily be able to tackle this task (at least not in a timely fashion). You’ll thank yourself later if you have a gameplan from the very beginning.

Pick the Right Paint for Your Daycare

Once you have a general sense of what your commercial interior painting project will entail, you can start digging into the details. Perhaps the most important detail in this regard is the paint you choose for your daycare, both in terms of composition and color. While most modern paints are far less toxic than they were in the past, some are more potentially harmful and odorous than others. To keep all your children and staff safe at your daycare, select paints with minimal to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Fortunately, low-VOC paints are abundant these days, so you should have a relatively easy time finding what you need.

Beyond the search for daycare-safe paint, you’ll want to pick paint colors that suit the purpose of your daycare business. While every daycare is different, they’re all in the business of stimulating kids’ imaginations, building early social skills, encouraging education, and so on. Certain colors are more or less conducive to these efforts. You might consider bright yellows and oranges to boost energy and bring up everyone’s moods, green to stimulate creativity, blue for some much-needed tranquility -- the list goes on, and different areas of your daycare might benefit from a specific color scheme. It’s worth looking into color psychology to help you select the best paints for your daycare’s interior.

Get Things Done Before Everything Gets Busy

Some daycares run parallel to the standard school year while others operate year-round. If you’re fortunate enough to have an off-season or at least an extended break, use this downtime to invest in interior painting. After all, this project may span several days, and any amount of interference can become a major liability. At the very least, you may need to schedule painting services to work overnight or during weekends when you’re not open.

Do Your Homework Before Hiring Painters

Finding the right commercial painters is key for successfully painting your busy daycare interior. You want to work with a contractor who can deliver quality results, show up on time, work according to your scheduling needs, offer reasonable rates, and prioritize the well-being of every occupant. If you haven’t already established a relationship with a local painting company, it can take some time to sort through your options. Getting references from people you trust and reading online reviews can help you make the right call for your business.

Keep Parents Informed from Start to Finish

Finally, it’s crucial to keep parents and guardians in the know at all times. For one thing, parents will need to know whether daycare will be closed for a given period of time well in advance so they can adjust their plans. Moreover, parents will want to make sure their children are safe when they return to your freshly painted facility. The more you communicate with your clients, the better it will be for them and for your reputation.

Painting your daycare’s interior can be a serious challenge. Fortunately, Anderson Painting is here to help you plan, select paint colors, and execute your strategy at every stage. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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