How to Know Your Residential Exterior Painting Estimate Is Fair

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When a home needs a new paint job, the first thing on most people’s minds is the price tag. Exterior painting projects require significant resources, and the more surface area there is to cover, the more pricey the project becomes. But just how much should it cost to have your home’s siding and trim painted? The answer depends on a multitude of factors. Ultimately, you must do your own due diligence to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Here are some ways to determine whether or not your residential exterior painting estimate is suitable for your needs.

Do Your Homework

For starters, come up with a loose estimate of your own based on reliable information found online. Sites like HomeAdvisor and Angi allow you to calculate the average cost to paint a house exterior like yours based on your location and specs (e.g., measurements, type of paint, materials that need painting, current condition, etc.). After inputting accurate information, you’ll be left with a rough idea of what such a project might cost. You can use this figure to start budgeting and planning – you should also use it as a reference point when receiving estimates from local painters.

Talk to People You Trust

Online resources like the ones mentioned above have their place, but their utility only extends so far. Word of mouth is an invaluable asset, giving you insight into exterior painting contractors, projects, and prices from people you trust. As you plan your painting project, ask friends, family members, and coworkers about any recent exterior painting experiences they’ve had. You might discover that a certain contractor charged too much for their services, or that a particular contractor did a great job for a decent price. Even if you don’t end up hiring any of these providers, having your finger on the local pulse will help you better navigate these waters.

Compare Multiple Estimates

Once you’re ready to look for residential exterior painting services in your area, make sure you vet at least a few options before settling. Gather as many free estimates as is practical and see how they stack up against each other and the rough estimate(s) you came up with. Ideally, these estimates won’t vary too widely. However, you might run into some major disparities that leave yous scratching your head. One contractor might be severely undercharging whereas another might be overcharging. Either case is a cause for concern and warrants further investigation.

Balance Cost with Quality

A “fair” residential exterior painting estimate isn’t necessarily a “cheap” one. On the contrary, if an estimate is well below what you’re expecting it to be, there’s probably a reason – the contractor in question might cut several corners to keep costs unfairly low, or they lack experience when it comes to price setting. As such, don’t immediately jump to the lowest bidder. Keep in mind that high-quality painting companies tend to charge a premium because their services are in such high demand and because they use more costly equipment and products to provide superior results. You don’t want to go over budget, but you also don’t want to wind up with shoddy results just to save a buck in the short run. The fairest exterior painting estimates thoroughly itemize every aspect of the project and back up the numbers with a reliable track record. In other words, you should know precisely what you’re paying for and why.

Don’t Hate – Estimate

Much goes into calculating a painting estimate, including labor, materials, seasonality, experience, location, and more. Taking the time to understand each of these moving parts and how they interact will arm you with the knowledge necessary to separate the sketchy estimates from the worthy ones. As an experienced commercial and residential painting contractor serving Raleigh, NC Anderson Painting has created countless estimates to perfectly suit the needs of our customers. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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