How to Attain Your Outdoor Living Space Dreams

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Newly maintained outdoor patio

Whether you live in a relatively moderate area like Raleigh, North Carolina, or in a more variable climate, there’s always a stretch of time that’s ideal for outdoor activity -- even if that activity is simply sitting on your deck or patio. Indeed, outdoor living spaces hold plenty of potential to become your at-home getaway. However, establishing the outdoor area you’ve always dreamt of might seem out of reach. On the contrary, with proper maintenance and a few key improvements, you can create your perfect exterior escape. Here are some ways to attain your outdoor living space dreams.

How to Create the Best Outdoor Living Space

Clean Your Exterior Twice a Year

Keeping up with regular maintenance is more than half the battle of cultivating a beautiful outdoor area. At the root of this maintenance is cleaning, namely power washing. Over time, your home’s exterior features accumulate dirt, dust, pollen, and other contaminants that dampen its appearance and may contribute to surface-level and structural damage. Blasting away this gunk every now and then with a pressure washer helps restore the appearance of your outdoor spaces and protects them from harm. It’s best to perform this task twice a year -- once after winter and again before fall (about six months apart). If you’re not comfortable using a pressure washer, hire a professional. The wrong approach can damage your exterior, forcing you to invest in siding repair, paint touch-ups, and more.

Don’t Neglect Your Deck or Fencing

Your home’s siding isn’t the only exterior surface to clean and maintain on a periodic basis. After all, your outdoor living space most likely includes a deck, patio, or fence of some kind. It’s important to wash these features with the same frequency as your siding. Moreover, applying fresh deck stain to your wooden deck about every 2-3 years will enhance its appearance and protect it from various environmental threats, such as moisture, sunlight, and pests. The more protected your deck and fencing, the fewer repairs you’ll need to make in the long run.

Coat Your Concrete Patio Flooring

If your ideal outdoor living space includes a patio with concrete flooring, your average deck stain won’t do the trick. Instead, you’ll want to install outdoor concrete floor coatings to strengthen these surfaces and extend their longevity. In particular, Penntek polyurea patio coatings offer fast cure times, resistance to abrasion and chemicals, anti-slip properties, and more. These superior coatings also come in a wide variety of custom colors and designs, so you can shape how you want your outdoor living space to look from the ground up.

A Little Landscaping Goes a Long Way

One of the main draws of an outdoor living space is its proximity to nature. While everyone has different preferences in this regard, most people dream of an outdoor space with a beautiful view of green spaces. So, try livening things up by installing a garden or introducing fresh potted plant life on your deck or patio. Additionally, take great care of your lawn by fertilizing, seeding, and mowing it as needed. Even small amounts of landscaping can prop up your outdoor living space and make it a kind of oasis right outside your home.

Wield the Power of Paint

Don’t underestimate what high-quality residential exterior painting can do for your outdoor living spaces either. Perhaps some fresh color is precisely what you need to attain your outdoor living space dreams, whether this means re-painting your siding or trim, coating your deck, or something else. And beyond the aesthetic benefits, new coatings will provide a barrier that protects your outdoor surfaces from environmental harm.

No matter your outdoor area aspirations, the experts at Anderson Painting have you covered. We offer power washing, deck staining/repair, exterior painting, light carpentry, concrete floor coatings, and much more. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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