How Ceiling Paint Ties Your Great Room Together

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Freshly painted ceiling

Great rooms come with great responsibility. These open spaces do away with obstacles that separate one room from another, making for a more fluid and modern interior. At the same time, this openness creates unique design challenges. It’s often easier to paint, organize, and decorate rooms when they’re cordoned off from one another -- when it comes to a great room, you must address both the space’s individual parts and the sum of those parts. There are many ways to approach this task, but if you’re not sure where to begin, you might start by looking up. Indeed, the ceiling of your great room holds the key to a balanced, practical, and dynamic design (after you’ve taken care of any ceiling drywall repairs, of course). Here’s how ceiling paint can conveniently tie your great room together.

The Benefits of Ceiling Tile Painting

Allows Walls, Floors, and Furniture to Do the Dividing

The open nature of a great room is appealing to many, but even those who adore their great rooms likely don’t want their living room to spill over into their kitchen or dining room. That is to say, each space within a great room still deserves its own aesthetic and clear dividing line, in whichever form suits the space best. Some prefer to simply use rugs and different types of flooring to separate one area from another -- others apply different colors of paint to certain walls to create clear accents. These methods and others are effective and valid, but you might worry that dividing your great room this way might defeat the purpose of an open concept. This is where proper ceiling paint comes into play. By selecting a single color for your “fifth wall,” and applying it evenly, you unify your great room despite the other differences in flooring, furnishing, decor, and interior painting. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds this way.

Offers a Canvas for Accented Trim

Painting your great room’s ceiling a single color doesn’t mean this feature has to lack visual flair. On the contrary, a simple ceiling is ripe for rafters, various types of trim (such as crown molding), and other decorative features. Applying these features to your great room’s ceiling can make your space more dynamic and symmetrical. This trim can also make it easy to install evenly-separated light fixtures that run across the top of your great room and/or help further distinguish each separate area within it. No matter how you choose to use trim in your great room, your residential interior painting professionals can help you choose the right color for these features.

Brightens the Entire Space

Great rooms tend to be inherently brighter than smaller, enclosed spaces since there are fewer shadows, more space for reflection, and often larger windows to boot. That said, the way you paint and decorate your ceiling has a major impact on just how bright your great room can be overall. If, for instance, your great room’s ceiling is textured and/or riddled with outdated popcorn material, your room won’t be nearly as radiant (or modern) as it could be, and popcorn ceiling removal is in order. Darker ceiling colors will also, of course, darken your great room. Ultimately, the textures and colors you choose for your great room’s ceiling are matters of preference. But if you want the brightest and most unified great room possible, going with lighter, high-quality ceiling paint is the way to go.

Connect Your Great Room with a Seamless Ceiling

If you want your great room to shine like never before, pay close attention to its ceiling. At Anderson Painting, our experts are equipped to safely and efficiently repair and paint your great room’s ceiling, so your interior space comes together as one. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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