Home Exterior Painting: Protecting Your Paint Job from Weather Related Damage

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Freshly painted home exterior

Residential exterior painting does more than just beautify your home and increase its value. Home exterior painting can protect your home from structural damage caused by exposure to the elements.

If you’re wondering how long it’s been since your home has been painted, or if you’re looking for extra protection ahead of winter weather, it’s time to think about calling a team of experienced home painters to help you get the job done.

How to Handle Weather and Your Home

How Weather Impacts Paint

Understanding how weather impacts paint is key to knowing which home painting services you need, and where problems may be lurking in your home paint job. Weather can affect paint in the following ways:

  • Paint chipping: Paint can start to chip and come off after long-term exposure to the elements.
  • Paint fading: Direct sunlight can fade your paint over time.
  • Moisture damage: Moisture can get in through tiny cracks or holes in your home exterior paint job and begin to impact your interior walls and ceilings with discoloration, mold damage, and rotting wood.

How to Protect Your Home

No one can prevent every type of weather damage from affecting their home exterior paint job. But there’s still plenty you can do to prevent costly problems.

Get to the Bottom of It: When you’re ready for a new coat of paint, choose a painting company who doesn’t compromise on surface prep. Experienced painters won’t leave anything to chance when it comes to protecting your home exterior.

Surface preparation processes like pressure washing and scraping can identify potential problems from weather damage and stop them in their tracks with proper cleaning, sealing, and repairs.

Protect Your Wood Surfaces: Failure to properly treat, seal, and stain wood surfaces leads to discolored and rotting wood that diminishes the appearance of your home and puts your safety at risk. Be sure your painting plans for your home exterior include protecting all your wood surfaces from weather damage.

Using the Best Materials

Whether it’s brick, siding, wood, or a combination of surfaces, your home exterior painting needs products, materials, and equipment that get your surfaces in the best possible condition, keeping your favorite paint colors looking great for years to come.

It can get frustrating and overwhelming when you’re staring down the sheer number of painting, primer, and stain options available out there. Don’t go through it alone. Ask a painter you trust to help you make the right choices before starting your project so your paint can have the best possible look and finish from the start.

Taking a Proactive Approach

Painting your home exterior doesn’t have to be a stressful or overwhelming process. Anderson Painting can help you repair paint damage and tackle your biggest painting projects before rainy or snowy seasons set in.

Your custom painting project will use the best materials and surface prep process for every exterior surface of your home. We’ll alert you to any problems we uncover right away, and get your home looking great again in no time so you can have peace of mind, whatever the weather.

Anderson Painting has you covered, rain or shine. Request your home exterior painting estimate today.

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