Holiday Party Prep: Fresh, Festive Paint

calander Oct 28 , 2020 user-iconAnderson Painting
Holiday decor on a tv tray

The holidays are almost here. During such a turbulent year, no one would blame you for forgetting just how close these festivities are. Not to worry though- there is still plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming celebrations. If you plan on hosting for the holidays, it’s a great excuse to update your home’s appearance, especially if you’ve been putting off this task for a while. Whether you’re throwing a party or simply want to ring in the new year with a fresh outlook, investing in a new coat of paint is a great way to do it, and Anderson Painting can help.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Holiday Party

Happy Holiday Hues

Choosing paint colors is never easy. You want to pick colors that suit your style, look great in your home, and will still appeal to you several years down the road. If you love the holidays, you might peruse some holiday-themed color palettes for inspiration. However, clinging to holiday colors can be risky -- will your color choices still hold up once the holidays are over? Unlike decor, an interior paint job is far less temporary and more expensive, so getting it right the first time matters.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that holiday colors can work year-round, so long as they’re not too gaudy. Best of all, these tones will really come to life during the holidays when you’re surrounded by family and friends. Some festive paint colors to consider include:

  • Dark and herbal greens
  • Rich reds
  • Pure whites
  • Creamy off-whites
  • Gloomy greys
  • Light grey-blues
  • Charcoal blues
  • Golden beiges
  • Chocolatey browns

You aren’t limited to these color choices, either (there are many ways to express the holiday season). Note that none of these colors is inherently attached to the holidays. It’s not until you consider painting a room two colors and filling the space with holiday-themed decor that the festive motif comes into view.

Fresh Paint for the New Year

We don’t only associate certain colors with the holidays -- we also associate certain emotions and aspirations. The holiday season brings loved ones together, encourages unity and personal reflection, and culminates in the transition from one year to the next. In other words, the punchline of the holiday season is about renewal. Investing in interior painting is one way to express this sense of revitalization -- out with the old and in with the new. It doesn’t matter if you decide to go with holiday colors or not, as it’s more about refreshing your space than anything else.

Beyond the Paint Job

If you’re preparing for holiday festivities this year, note that Raleigh house painting is only part of the process. As previously mentioned, the way you decorate and organize your home plays a major role in transforming your spaces into celebratory spaces as well. You might pick out your decor ahead of time to help you choose suitable paint colors, or you might select your decor based on the colors you went with. Either way, the combination of all these elements is what matters most.

Transform your home for the holidays with the help of a reliable Raleigh painting partner. The experts at Anderson Painting work year-round to help our customers realize their most ambitious visions. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!