Floor Coatings Raleigh, NC: Planning for All Types of Weather and Wear

calander Jul 3 , 2019 user-iconAnderson Painting

While each year brings unique weather patterns, Raleigh, NC has a relatively temperate climate year-round. Sure, the winter months bring colder temperatures and the occasional snowfall, while the summer can become quite scorching. But compared to some of the northern coastal areas of the U.S., Raleigh, NC has it pretty good.

That said, whether you own a business or a home in Raleigh, NC, you need to be prepared for whatever weather and wear might come your way. In particular, your floors, both inside and out, are susceptible to all kinds of environmental damage. Investing in polyurea floor coatings or other floor sealing material is an important step in protecting your floors each year, but maintaining your floors matters, too.

So, what types of weather or wear are we talking about? How exactly do floor coatings protect your property? And what else should you do to plan for all types of weather and wear aimed at your floors?

What Weather and Wear?

As you already know, severe weather is labeled as such for a reason. Heavy rain, strong winds, lightning, earthquakes, etc., can all deal damage to your property. Sometimes this damage comes on quick (such as a tree falling on your deck), and sometimes it takes its time (like water damage). Temperature changes can also cause problems. If, for instance, your garage floor is already cracked, fluctuations in temperature can quickly expand these cracks.

But even in ideal weather, your floors can still undergo damage. Think about how your various floors are used. Garage floors, for instance, typically endure a lot of shifting weight from vehicles, and deck floors have to deal with plenty of footsteps, scratches from furniture, and nibbles from various pests. Understanding what types of weather and wear threaten your floors each day is crucial to protecting them from harm.

What Floor Coatings Can Do for You

No matter what your floor is made of or where it is (inside or outside), some level of protection will increase its lifespan. Applying deck stain, for instance, will keep water and other liquids from entering the wood’s pores and expanding or contracting, and offer an additional layer of protection against scratches and impacts.

If you own a business with concrete floors, commercial floor paint or sealant is necessary for keeping your floors sturdy. Moving machinery, personnel, falling equipment, chemical spills, etc. all contribute to the wear and tear of your commercial floors. Installing polyurea floor coatings will make your facility safer and reduce the risk of major repairs in the future. Anderson Painting contractors install Penntek polyurea flooring for its durability, flexibility, longevity, and appearance.

Maintaining Your Floors for Increased Durability

While sealing a garage floor will keep it safe from harm for a while, the only way to ensure its continued durability is to maintain it properly. Fortunately, floor coatings often make it easier to maintain your floors than ever before. The smooth surface of epoxy concrete floor paint, for instance, makes mopping and sweeping fast and easy. These coatings also keep water and chemicals away from the floor, so removing these spills and leaks shouldn’t be a problem.

Make sure you clean and inspect your floors for damage on a regular basis. If you notice any cracks or other signs of damage, you can probably fix the problem easily. But if you neglect this maintenance, you might have to spend time and money repairing or replacing your floors down the road.

No matter what, your floors will get worn down over time. You can slow this process down by sealing and maintaining your floors properly. Make sure you hire the right team to get the job done. To learn more about us, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!