First Impressions: What Potential Customers Notice about Your Business’s Exterior

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First impressions matter. As a business owner, you have a very small window of time to attract potential customers and get them in the door. Utilizing good marketing strategies and advertising will play a role in this, but some customers will come across your business on their own. When this happens, they’ll either decide to come in or go elsewhere. The biggest factor in this decision is how your business looks from the outside. If you want to attract more customers, you must pay close attention to your business’s exterior. Here’s what customers will notice.

A Sad Sign

You’re proud of your business, so your sign should represent that pride. It should state clearly and boldly the name of your enterprise for all to see. Poorly maintained, cheaply made signs give off the impression that the owner hasn’t given much thought to its branding. To send the right message, invest in a quality sign with a font that fits your business’s aesthetic. Make sure it stands out in stark contrast to your building so potential customers know immediately what they’re looking at.

Lacking Landscaping

Depending on your business’s location, you may or may not be in charge of the landscaping work surrounding it. If you are, however, make sure you keep up with the grass, garden, shrubbery, and tree line the way you would at your home. A well-kept lawn and garden suggest that your business takes care of its own people, its customers, and its reputation. It’s also more appealing to walk through a well-groomed area before entering a business. Customers may take this for granted, but they’ll definitely notice if the area is overgrown, underwatered, and lacking life.

Can’t Keep Clean

You can’t control everything that happens right outside your business. Customers and non-customers alike might toss litter in front of your entryway or wind might swirl up dirt and debris. Regardless, you can choose to clean up the mess. If you allow your exterior to become dirty and disorganized, people will assume the owner doesn’t care, or that the business isn’t even open and no one’s there to pick up the mess. Either way, you’ll lose potential customers. Maintaining a clean exterior is key to making customers feel welcome. Not only should you sweep daily, but you should also have your building and sidewalks power washed on a regular basis.

Poor, Peeling Paint

If your business’s exterior is painted, you must maintain its paint job and refresh it every 3 to 5 years. Wind, rain, snow, sunlight, and other environmental conditions will slowly cause your exterior paint to chip away and become dull over time. This might be the first thing potential customers notice. And just like poor signage, lackluster landscaping, or a dirty entryway, a deteriorating coat of paint speaks volumes about a business’s priorities.

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