Deck Stain Colors that Will Trend in 2019

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When we’re thinking about ways to revamp our homes in the new year, we may turn to recent trends in styles, finishes, and colors. This is especially true for interior design and painting, but it holds true for external features as well. While our decks might not be the first thing we think about when it comes to color trends, there are always ways to modernize these popular summer hangout spots.

People tend to keep it simple with their decks, but even if you’re just looking to apply some new translucent deck stain this year, you have plenty of other options at your disposal. You can go for a darker opaque finish, or something semi-transparent to maintain the natural beauty of the grain. Or, you might go all out this time and get colorful. You probably won’t be painting your deck bright green or dark purple anytime soon, however. Let’s look at some possible trends for deck stain colors in 2019.

Keeping it Classic

The classic wooden deck never goes out of style. Any shade of brown or beige will do here. Depending on the type of wood used to build your deck, it might be best to purchase a transparent or semi-transparent stain. This way you can emphasize the wood’s color and grain, perhaps darkening it a bit and adding some gloss for visual appeal. For a more even-looking deck, use a solid or semi-solid stain. Dark brown or mahogany always looks good on a deck.

Go Deeper with Reds

If mahogany is your style, why not go even further into the red spectrum? Most red deck stains you come across will lean toward the red-brown palette anyway. By reddening your deck, you’re making a bold statement. Red decks contrast strongly with a well-kempt, bright green lawn. The color red has also been proven to increase appetite. If you plan on grilling a lot this summer, be prepared to cook some extra burgers and dogs for your ravenous company.

Elegant Greys

If red is a bit too bold, try a relaxing grey stain instead. These neutral shades go well with just about any color scheme you could imagine. If you want to furnish your deck and make it more comfortable this year, grey provides the perfect backdrop. To really make your deck pop, add some white fencing around a darker grey floor. This creates a beautiful and strong contrast.

Cool Off with White

Finally, if grey isn’t cool enough, you can always stain your deck white. White decks serve a practical purpose in reflecting the light, keeping heat away from the deck and the home. They also look great. Keep in mind that white surfaces are always more susceptible to looking dirty, so a white deck will require more cleaning and maintenance. Also, a white stain will reveal the wood’s grain because it is so light. Some might prefer this, while others might rather smooth over the texture with a darker shade.

Truth be told, deck stain color trends aren’t nearly as turbulent as interior or exterior home color trends. Still, these color schemes are nonetheless relevant in 2019. The best deck stain for you, as always, will depend on your preferences. Do you want a classic look? Something bold, or something cooler? Do you want the wood grain to pop or stay hidden?

Whatever you choose, you should learn how to stain a deck properly for the upcoming season, if you don’t already know. Not to worry, though. If you need help staining your deck this year, Anderson Painting contractors can help. Let our people help you pick the perfect deck stain color and finish, and then let us apply it so that you can enjoy a new-looking deck for many years to come. For more information on our services, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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