Commercial Floor Sealing: How Sealing Increases Floor Integrity

calander Oct 18 , 2019 user-iconAnderson Painting

Those who own commercial or industrial facilities often use concrete floors for their durability and versatility. A well-maintained concrete floor looks great in just about any setting. Even more importantly, these floors can put up with a lot of weight and activity. However, a bare concrete floor is vulnerable to several types of damage, some of which are unavoidable in a commercial setting.

So, how can a business keep its concrete floors functional, durable, and safe for as long as possible? Here’s how commercial floor sealing increases the integrity and longevity of your floors.

Protects Against Impact

Things fall all the time, especially if your business involves lots of moving parts. If the falling object is light enough, it probably won’t do much damage to your concrete floors. But heavier items can certainly scratch, dent, and fracture an unprotected floor. With a high-quality concrete sealer, your floors will be less susceptible to impact damage, as the overlying coat will take the hit, providing an extra barrier.

Keeps Moisture Away

Believe it or not, water poses a major threat to concrete. When moisture gets inside the concrete, it can expand, increasing the size and number of cracks in your floors. This ultimately decreases the floor’s durability and integrity. Moisture can also encourage the growth of bacteria and mold in your floors. While commercial floor paint can’t prevent water underneath your floors from rising up into the concrete, it can at least keep water from entering the pores or cracks in the concrete from above.

Guards Against Chemicals

Not only do things fall; they spill, too. Just as sealing your floors stops moisture from gaining entry, it also stops chemicals, oils, and other liquid materials from damaging the concrete. Some commercial facilities utilize chemicals that can corrode concrete, so having a layer of protection is vital to maintaining and increasing floor integrity.

Reduces Thermal Shock

Sudden changes in temperature can also weaken and fracture concrete floors. This is known as thermal shock, where parts of the concrete expand or contract at a different rate than other parts. Certain floor sealing solutions can mitigate this thermal shock by holding the floor steadily in place.

Speeds Up and Improves Cleaning

If you want to maintain the integrity of your floors, you must properly and regularly clean them. By applying epoxy concrete floor paint, polyurea sealer, or another sealing solution, cleaning your floors becomes a lot easier. After all, a well-sealed floor is a smooth floor, and dirt and dust are easily swept away and mopped up.

Sealing your floors is crucial for keeping them beautiful, useful, and strong. Anderson Painting contractors primarily use Penntek polyurea chip system coatings for both residential and commercial properties alike. Whether you’re a homeowner interested in sealing a garage floor or a business owner who needs to cover all the floors in your commercial space, our team is prepared to tackle the job and increase the integrity of your floors. Call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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