A Safer Work Environment with Polyurea for Concrete Floors

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Safety should be the number one priority for all businesses, and whether you know it or not, the state of your floors plays a big role in this endeavor. In particular, work environments featuring concrete floors can present a hazard for employees and customers if little effort is spent maintaining them. Uneven foundations, cracks in the floor, and spills can lead to slips and falls; dust, debris, bacteria, and other contaminants can reside in the cracks of bare floors; and problems with dull, worn down floors can be difficult to see.

For all these reasons, it’s key to properly coat your concrete floors. Epoxy concrete paint is one reliable option for your floors. Here’s how installing concrete floor coatings can make your work environment safer.

How Polyurea Coatings Improve Safety

Protection Against Moisture and Chemicals

Spills happen, especially if your workplace deals with various liquids. In some cases, a liquid spill is no big deal, but if chemicals or even water end up seeping into the pores and cracks of the concrete floor, plenty of damage (and staining) can be done. Beyond just that, these spills may linger due to difficulties cleaning them up. The longer a spill remains active, the higher the chances are that someone slips and falls as a result.

Penntek polyurea floor paint is resistant to moisture and certain chemicals, so in the event of a spill your floors will remain unscathed and the mess can be quickly and easily cleaned up before someone trips.

Slip Resistance

Of course, it doesn’t always take a bumpy or wet floor to cause someone to trip. Bare concrete floors can become slick even when they’re dry, usually due to the coatings of dust and debris that linger on the surface. The best floor coatings out there add friction to your flooring, making it slip-resistant. This doesn’t provide a guarantee that people won’t slip and fall at some point, but anti-slip floors certainly make this outcome less likely.

Increased Visibility

Workplace safety and visibility are directly intertwined. After all, people need to be able to see where they’re going and identify potential hazards along the way. Polyurea coated floors offer a natural sheen that brightens an interior so customers and employees can see what’s in front of them. Plus, by incorporating different customizable styles of polyurea flooring, you can direct traffic flow, mark off hazardous areas, organize your workspace for added efficiency, and more.

Easy to Clean

As mentioned earlier, polyurea for cement floors is relatively easy to clean, especially when compared to cleaning the rough, porous surface of bare concrete. This matters because unclean floors attract unwanted actors like pests, bacteria, fungi, and more, all of which can create health problems for your workplace. By maintaining clean floors, these contaminants are kept at bay.

Workplace Safety: A Concrete Choice

There are many ways to enhance the safety protocols of your work environment -- but don’t neglect your floors. Penntek polyurea coatings are a great option for keeping your floors in good shape, resistant to slips and falls, easy to see, and clean. If you would like to know about other floor coating materials, we at Anderson Painting are happy to fill you in. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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