6 Ways to Beautify and Repurpose Neglected Garage Space

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Freshly painted garage

If you’ve neglected your garage space, it’s time to think about how you can use a garage remodel to beautify your garage and turn it into a space the whole family will enjoy. Repurposing your garage means it looks great, feels more inviting to your visitors, and helps add value to your home. Here’s what we suggest when you want to revamp your underutilized garage space.

How to Improve Your Garage

Find Your Purpose

Knowing how you’ll use the revitalized garage space impacts all other choices, from the look of the room to the types of materials you’ll use to get the job done. We’ve seen new life brought into lots of garages by turning them into:

  • Guest Rooms: Friends and family don’t have to stay in a hotel, and you’ve become the hero by offering them a cozy place to stay.
  • Home Offices: Working from home is as productive and effective as you make it. Dedicating a space for your office can help take productivity to the next level, while making sure your home remains the place for relaxation.
  • Gyms: Stay fit and meet your health goals without the commute by converting your garage into a home gym.

Once you’ve got a vision for your repurposed garage, you can move forward with planning the important parts of your remodel.

Don’t Neglect the Floors

Most garage flooring has seen better days, and has years’ worth of dirt, grime, and residue to contend with. But you can resurface your concrete garage flooring with a protective coating that improves its longevity and makes it stand out as one of the stars of your garage remodel.

Remember: different coatings are better for different purposes – and you have a lot of color and finish options to choose from. Get advice from a professional you can trust to help you find the best floor coating for your remodeled garage,

Check the Drywall

If your garage has been full of stuff for a number of years, you could have scratches, knicks, and holes in your drywall. Inspecting and repairing drywall ensures that any painting done during the garage remodel will look great and stick well to your garage walls.

Pick Your Paint

A new coat of paint on your garage interior will really transform it into a new room. Be sure to choose a color combination that fits with the purpose of the room and works well with any natural or ambient lighting in your garage.

Before starting any paint job, it’s critical to ensure that surfaces have been prepared properly. Neglecting any aspect of surface preparation compromises the integrity of your paint job from the start and leads to costly fixes down the road.

Don’t Forget the Details

Painting is great, but sticking to one color can make things look one-dimensional. When planning the painting projects for your garage remodel, think about how you want to paint your trim, and if you want to include any accent wall painting to make a particular area of the remodeled room stand out.

Work with an Expert

A garage remodel is overwhelming and time-consuming for anyone to take on by themselves. Don’t leave any aspect of repurposing your garage to chance.

Anderson Painting is experienced in transforming any room with expert surface prep, drywall repair, and a beautiful selection of high-quality paints. We also offer a host of garage floor coating options so your floors stay strong, look beautiful, and help you get many more years’ worth of enjoyment out of your newly repurposed garage.

Dreaming big about your your garage remodel project? Call us to ask your questions and request a garage flooring and painting estimate today.

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