5 Things to Check Before Painting Your Home Exterior

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A residential exterior paint job can last anywhere from 3 to 10 years depending on how well it’s maintained, how cooperative the climate is, and the quality of preparation ahead of time. Indeed, the best Raleigh house painters don’t just start painting right away. Rather, they begin by carefully examining every surface. But what do these pros look for, exactly? And why are these inspections so important? Let’s go over five major things to check before painting your home exterior.

What to Look for Before Painting a House

1. Mold and Mildew

A proper coat of paint is meant to enhance your home’s appearance as well as protect it from harm. Over time, however, environmental factors such as rain, wind, and sunlight will wear down even the best paint job. As exterior paint weakens, contaminants can find their way onto or even into your home. If moisture builds up, for instance, mold and mildew can start growing on your surfaces. These fungi pose a health risk, and they’re unsightly. Simply painting over mold or mildew will only postpone and prolong the problem. So, it’s important to check for signs of mold before painting your home exterior.

2. Rotted Wood

If your exterior is composed of wooden features, you must check them for rot on a regular basis. Rot is caused by another type of fungi that digests wood fibers, and it’s commonly found in warm, damp environments. The sooner you identify rotted wood, the better, as it can spread fairly quickly and lead to severe structural damage. Much like painting over mold or mildew, painting over rotted wood does nothing to solve the underlying problem. The rotted portions must be repaired or replaced before painting (or staining) can occur.

3. Cracks, Gaps, and Other Damage

You or your Raleigh painting service must also check for any abrasions on your home’s surfaces. These cracks and gaps can occur for any number of reasons, like rapid fluctuations in temperature, shifts in the soil, impact from debris, etc. No matter the cause, these gaps need to be properly sealed (typically with caulk) before the painting starts. Otherwise, you leave your home vulnerable to moisture, fungi, bacteria, pests, and other unwanted visitors.

4. Old Paint

The term “repainting” implies that there exists some old paint. But, when it’s time to touch up your home’s exterior, what do you do with the old paint, exactly? If the old paint job is chipping away, peeling apart, and/or bubbling underneath the surface, it needs to be taken care of prior to repainting, usually by power washing and sanding these areas. This will help the new coat of paint adhere to the surface.

5. General Cleanliness

In fairness, professional painters don’t really “check” a home’s cleanliness, but rather assume that it needs a good washing before painting. That’s because thoroughly cleaning a home’s surfaces gets rid of any dust, mold, loose paint, and other debris. Your painters might recommend a Raleigh power washing company to wash your home, or they might include these services in their offerings.

Always Examine Before Exterior Painting

If you want the most durable, protective, best-looking, and longest-lasting exterior paint job, you can’t jump right into the painting part. You have to make sure your surfaces are sturdy, well-prepared, and clean first. Anderson Painting contractors understand this, and always conduct the necessary prep work prior to painting. For more about Anderson Painting and everything we do, call us today at (919) 610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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