5 Logo Painting Tips for Better Branding

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A company’s logo is more than just a design; a logo is a company’s way of stamping its brand into the minds of its audience. The best logos simultaneously capture a business’ essence -- its values, purpose, and roots -- while enticing customers to take a look at what it has to offer. In other words, the stronger your logo, the stronger your branding.

Of course, coming up with a great logo design is only half the battle. Once you’ve done this, you have to bring that design to life, usually by boldly displaying your company’s logo on the face of your property outside and/or inside. These logos might be constructed and installed separately or painted directly on an exterior or interior wall. If you plan on painting your logo, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to get the most out of it.

Five Logo Painting Tips for Better Branding.

1. Bigger is Usually Better…

Simply put, you want people to see your logo, whether they’re a few feet away from your building or across the street (we can all see certain yellow arches a mile away, it seems). So, if you’re going to paint your logo on your building’s exterior, reserve an area large enough to accommodate its biggest form. Keep in mind, however, that you might not be able to create a stencil large enough for your needs. If so, you might have to hire professional painters to free-hand the logo, working in sections.

2. ...And Yet, Less is More

A larger logo is great for promoting your business to onlookers, but bigger doesn’t mean more complex. Simpler logos with basic shapes and bold colors are more memorable and eye-catching (i.e. those yellow arches). If your logo design isn’t so simple, you can still simplify it when painting it on or inside your property. For instance, if your standard logo contains three colors and plenty of lettering (i.e. dates, locations, slogans, etc.), you might have your Raleigh painting services paint a simplified version by reducing and strengthening the colors and removing any unnecessary words.

3. Contrast is Key

On that note of “less is more,” the strongest logos feature only one or two colors. If the logo only boasts a single color, it should contrast with the rest of the business’ branding so it stands out. For instance, the yellow arches tend to rest on top of or in front of a bright red backdrop. If your logo features two colors, make sure those colors complement one another. Creating contrast makes a logo more interesting to view and easier to remember.

4. Logo Location

It doesn’t matter how big or unforgettable your logo is if people can’t see it. Whether your logo is outside your building, inside it, or both, it should be placed in a strategic location where it’s easily seen by the highest number of people. For example, if your business faces a busy street, make sure your logo is facing traffic and positioned so drivers and pedestrians can see it without craning their necks or straining their eyes. And if your company shares a building with several other businesses, make sure your logo can be seen when visitors first walk in. If possible, you might even have your logo printed on your floor’s commercial floor paint job to guide visitors to your door and remind them of your presence.

5. Quality Paint and Maintenance Make All the Difference

Lastly, you want your logo to last. If your logo is painted with cheap, low-quality products, it’s bound to fade and peel away before long. Even if people can still make out your worn down logo, it won’t reflect well on your brand. By using high-quality paint, you’re setting up your logo and brand for success, and you won’t have to worry about touching up the paint job as often. That said, you should still maintain your painted logo just as you would the rest of your exterior or interior surfaces by keeping it clean, either via power washing or by hand.

Boost Your Brand with a Properly Painted Logo

Your business is more than just a logo, but your logo should capture the essence of your business, and capture the attention of customers, too. Anderson Painting contractors understand that how well your logo is painted on your property matters just as much as its actual design. Let our commercial painting experts help you proudly display your logo for all to see.

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