4 Ways to Use White Paint to Make a Bold Statement

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When we think of bold paint colors, we think of bright oranges and yellows, lime greens, and bubblegum pink. White is typically the last color on our minds, but white paint can actually make the boldest statements if used correctly. If you’re looking to hire a Raleigh house painter, here are four ways to use white to make a bold statement in your home.

  1. White Walls Against Dark, Wooden Elements

For all of the methods listed here, contrast is key. White serves to juxtapose or enhance other colors and materials in the home. White works particularly well against deep wooden materials. Dark wood floors, for instance, really stand out against white walls.

This principle applies to wooden furniture as well. If you want the natural beauty and texture of your wooden accents at the forefront, white walls, trim, and other surfaces can go a long way.

  1. Using White for Balance

The color white doesn’t just emphasize other colors and shades, it can tone them back as well. Rooms with bold colors (like the aforementioned yellows, pinks, and greens) can overwhelm the eye before long. Introducing white trim or design to the room can offset some of this intensity. In other words, white can bring balance to a room’s overall color scheme and aesthetic. Anderson Painting can help you choose the best shade of white to go against certain colors.

  1. Emphasize Natural Light with White

If your home has plenty of windows, you’ll get a lot of natural light coming through during the day. If you want to really let this light shine and brighten up your home, there’s no better color than white. By default, white walls make a room look more spacious. With the addition of natural light, these rooms expand even more and exude a sense of warmth and welcome.

Consider the rooms in which you spend the most time, perhaps the kitchen and/or living room. If it’s time for some Raleigh house painting, a fresh coat of white paint is perfect for these rooms. They will instantly feel more lively and bright.

  1. Make Anything Non-White More Prominent

Using the concept of contrast, you can decide which elements of a room you want to stand out and then paint everything else white. In other words, white will serve as the backdrop to allow other objects and colors to come forward. The color white, in this way, is a tool for shaping the overall aesthetic of a room. If you want to emphasize certain pieces of furniture, trim, artwork, or anything else, white does this better than any other color. The best part is, it doesn’t matter much what color the other elements are, as they’ll be darker and bolder than white by default.

If you want to embolden your home’s interior with white paint, contact the Anderson Painting Company. We will send our Anderson Painting contractors to take care of your home’s needs before, during, and after the painting process. Give us a call at 919-610-1855 or send us an email at info@www.andersonpaintingnc.com for more information.

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