4 Cabinet Paint Color Strategies that Will Transform Your Kitchen

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When it’s time to repaint the kitchen, the walls are only part of the story. In many kitchens, cabinets take up most of the space. Since they protrude from the wall, cabinets draw the eye more than any other feature in the room. Painting or staining your cabinets is an important aspect of a kitchen update. The process for painting them is also a bit more involved, since Raleigh house painters will want to remove the doors for easier access to painting all sides. All that aside, your only concern is deciding which colors to choose for your cabinets. Here are 4 cabinet paint color strategies that can transform your kitchen.

1. Create Contrast

Kitchen cabinets stand out by their very nature. But why not go even further to make a statement? Choosing contrasting colors for your cabinets and kitchen walls will make the space more dynamic. This is only fitting for a room where cooking takes place. After all, contrasting flavors and textures are what make for a great dish.

The simplest route would be to play with blacks and whites. However, if you want a slightly more colorful space, try buttery walls with dark brown cabinets. In this case, you can use a dark finish stain for the cabinets to bring out the natural grain. Or, you can get really bold and play with reds and navys, or even oranges and dark greys. Brighter, saturated colors are usually best left for the walls, while cabinets do well with less striking shades.

2. White Cabinets Always Work

If you enter any modern kitchen, you’re most likely to find white or off-white cabinets. Why? It simply works. White is elegant and bright, it reflects natural light, and it fits in with just about any color scheme.

Of course, if you go with white cabinets, you have to consider the rest of your kitchen. If you paint the whole thing white, the space may feel sterile. Once again, introducing contrast can help here. Try darker walls or backsplash. Think about the other features, such as the island (if applicable), stools, tables, countertops, etc. White cabinets will work, but what else can be done to tie the kitchen together?

3. Paint it Black

On the other end of the spectrum, black cabinets work well in most cases, too. Of course, painting them black will darken and shrink your kitchen quite a bit. This is a matter of taste. Do you want your kitchen to feel intimate and enclosed, or airy and open? Keep in mind that black cabinets can be easily offset by white walls and countertops, balancing the room.

Be careful, though. Dust, oil, grime, and other debris become more easily visible on black surfaces. White objects have a similar problem with anything darker than the paint, but dust is certainly more potent against black. With the right finish and care, however, black cabinets can make a powerful statement in your kitchen.

4. Don’t Paint, Stain

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with keeping things classic. Wooden cabinets, when crafted well, look beautiful on their own. Applying wood stain finish enhances this natural beauty, adding gloss while bringing out the grain. Sometimes, this is the best route. Like white and black, brown works well in most situations. If you opt for a darker stain, try painting the walls a lighter shade, such as off-white or a light beige.

There are many ways to transform your kitchen. Painting the cabinets is one of the most powerful among them. If it’s time for an update, Anderson Painting contractors will take the time to remove each cabinet door, take them to our facility, paint them, and reinstall them when they’re ready. You can also rely on our team to paint your kitchen walls, repair any drywall, and make other interior and exterior renovations you may need. To learn more about everything we can do, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@www.andersonpaintingnc.com!

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