4 Big Risks of DIY Repairs

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Taking on a home improvement project yourself is a great way to build character and feel a sense of accomplishment. Plus, doing things yourself can save you money. However, not all repairs are created equal. While plenty of small projects can be handled by novices, many jobs are best left to professionals. Ambition is a virtue, but not if it makes you delusional. Let’s look at four of the biggest risks that come with DIY repairs. Keeping these caveats in mind might help you decide whether it’s time to hire Anderson Painting contractors or go it alone.

What Are the Risks of DIY Repairs?

1. Improper Safety Equipment

If you’re tackling a repair job for the first time, chances are you’re not fully aware of the precautionary measures you should take. Some research might reveal that you need a host of safety equipment that you don’t have on hand. These might include safety goggles, special gloves, footwear, and respiratory masks. If so, it’s best to go out and purchase the necessary gear. If you decide to take a shortcut in the safety department, you could get seriously injured. Hiring professional contractors keeps you away from the danger, and you can trust that they will come prepared with the right gear.

2. Wasted Time and Money

Other than the satisfaction that comes with accomplishing a task on your own, the main reason to tackle a project yourself is to save some money. However, it’s worth noting that time is money, too. In other words, the time you spend taking on home repairs could be spent doing something else. Sure, you don’t have to pay anyone else, but you’re paying in terms of your valuable time.

Additionally, if you make a major error or don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you may end up wasting a lot of time and money, more than you would have spent simply hiring someone else. For example, if you purchase a drywall repair kit but mess up the patch job, you’ll not only have to purchase another kit, but also take the time to do it all over again. This leads to the next big risk of DIY repairs…

3. Making it Worse

DIY repairs aren’t just potentially costly and time-consuming, they can actually lead to further problems. Again, if you’re not entirely sure of what you’re doing, there’s a chance that you’ll actually make a problem worse in your attempt to fix it. If this happens, you may be forced to hire a contractor anyway, which you could have done in the first place.

4. Exposure to Dangerous Substances

All homes, especially older ones, potentially harbor dangerous substances, such as mold, lead, and asbestos. If you’re attempting to take on drywall repair yourself, you should make sure that it doesn’t contain lead paint. If it does, you need to hire a lead-certified contractor to remove the lead properly so that it doesn’t harm you and your family.

When it comes to repairs like popcorn ceiling removal, there’s also a chance that the ceiling may contain asbestos. Again, this material must be carefully and properly removed by experienced professionals. Doing it yourself is a major health risk and not at all worth the money you might save.

Whenever You’re Unsure, Hire the Pros

DIY repairs can be fun, fulfilling, and frugal. But that doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea to attempt a repair yourself. Whenever you’re unsure of how to tackle a project, you should contact professionals for peace of mind and safety. The pros at Anderson Painting specialize in most home repairs, including drywall, carpentry, ceiling removal, siding replacement, and more. To learn more about us and all our services, call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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