How to Finish Your Basement Concrete Floor Paint Before the New Year

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As 2022 winds down, you (like many homeowners) might feel as if you’re quickly running out of time to tackle some of those projects you had previously planned. Interior renovations aren’t as time-sensitive as exterior projects, so a basement floor finishing project can be completed at any time. Still, it feels good to check things off your list before a new year begins. Plus, if you carefully budget your home repairs each year, it might be more practical to get the job done within this specific time frame rather than push it to 2023. You might feel overwhelmed, but keep in mind that a basement floor painting job doesn’t have to get done all at once. In fact, if you want to finish this job by year’s end, it helps to take small steps starting now.

Here are some concrete steps to ensure that you finish your basement concrete floor paint project before the new year begins.

Steps to Ensure You Finish Your Basement Concrete Floor Paint Project Before the New Year

Clear Out Your Basement

Not sure where to even begin with your basement floor paint project? Well, you won’t be able to apply new basement coatings if this area is cluttered. The first step to take is clearing out your basement of all moveable furniture, appliances, and knick-knacks. This provides a golden opportunity to get rid of some stuff you no longer need. Anything you wish to keep will need to be stored in a secure location, such as a garage, spare room, or storage unit, so make sure you’ve got this extra space before you get started.

Thoroughly Clean Your Basement Flooring

After your basement is relatively barren, you’ll have full access to its floors. If your basement’s floors are currently carpeted or otherwise covered, you’ll have to methodically tear these coverings out to reveal the concrete foundation. From there, you’ll want to thoroughly clean the bare basement floor via vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. Like any other type of paint, concrete floor paint won’t properly adhere to a filthy surface – a squeaky clean concrete floor allows for stronger and smoother adhesion, allowing for a sturdier, better-looking, and longer-lasting finish.

Repair Cracks and Other Floor Damages

The prep work doesn’t end at floor cleaning, however. Before you prime and coat your basement flooring, you’ll need to fix any structural and surface-level issues, such as cracks, divots, bumps, water damage, and so on. You might be able to handle minor issues on your own with the proper materials (e.g., filling cracks), but deeper issues often require professional service. Whatever the case, you’ll want to allot yourself plenty of time to take care of floor damage – in many instances, these repairs constitute the longest portion of any basement coating project.

Start Looking into Basement Floor Coating Options

While you’re in the midst of cleaning your basement and fixing up its floors, take some time to consider which coatings are best-suited for your basement flooring. There are, after all, many options out there. Epoxy concrete coatings are the most popular among these choices, but you’ll also come across urethane cement, polyurea coatings, and more. Each option will differ in initial cost, ease of application, customization, durability, and more. Familiarizing yourself with the pros and cons presented by different floor coatings will help you make a more informed decision that ultimately benefits your basement floors to the max.

Find Reputable Floor Installers Near You

Even if you tackle all or most of the prep work on your own, chances are you’ll need help installing the actual coatings when the time comes. Waiting until the last minute to hire a floor coating expert might prevent you from getting the job done in time. So, the sooner you start comparing Raleigh, NC flooring installers, the better. As you conduct your search, consider a contractor’s experience, reputation, availability, cost, and so on. Anderson Painting has earned the trust of countless homeowners in the region by offering a wide range of services and superior customer care. We recommend and install polyurea floor coatings for residential and commercial facilities for their significant durability, flexibility, customization, ease of installation, and more.

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