Residential Concrete Flooring in Garner, NC

Residential Concrete Flooring in Garner, NC

Anderson Painting is proud to offer a wide range of residential concrete floor coating services to homeowners in Garner, NC. We are committed to providing the excellent service you've come to expect from a family-owned business with customized floor coatings for all concrete surfaces throughout your home.

Concrete Coaters in Garner, North Carolina

Concrete Coating Options for Your Home

Anderson Painting offers the following concrete coating services in Garner, NC:

  • Basement Flooring: Concrete basement floors are vulnerable to moisture intrusion, stains, and other aesthetic issues if left unsealed and unprotected. Concrete coatings come in a range of colors and styles, so there's an appealing choice for every taste and decor. And they're durable against foot traffic, furnishings, and equipment, so you can rest easy about using your basement for whatever needs you have while its flooring is supported by a more beautiful, more fortified concrete floor.
  • Garage Flooring: Turn your garage into a showroom with durable, beautiful concrete flooring that can stand up to the many uses you likely have for your garage. Penntek garage flooring is sturdy enough for vehicles, workshop equipment, tools, furnishings, and whatever you're storing. It's easy to clean, so you never have to be embarrassed about guests or neighbors seeing your garage. And it lasts for decades, so the flooring won't have to be redone if you decide to repurpose your garage over time.
  • Patio, Porch, and Sidewalk Coatings: Even with a beautiful home exterior, cracked, damaged, and dirty sidewalks, patios, and concrete porches can make your outdoor seating areas and walkways into an eyesore. Coating concrete sidewalks and other exterior concrete gives it a consistent look and a seamless finish, reflective of the care you put into the rest of your home.

Why Choose Penntek Garage Floor Coatings?

Choosing the certified Penntek installers at Anderson Painting means you can rely on us for:

  • Knowledgeable Estimates and Thorough Inspection: We know where to look for concrete floor damage. We'll clearly communicate all the necessary prep, installation, and customization you'll need to get a lasting finish from your floor coating project.
  • Customization: Chip coating, metallic coating, and a variety of other concrete coating options and colors are available from Penntek. We can recommend a customized coating that meets the demands of your home's concrete flooring so you'll have a truly versatile space to entertain, relax, play, and work.
  • Fast Installation: Most Penntek concrete coatings can be applied in one day. There's no need to wait for curing, so you can get back to using your rooms and enjoying your smoother floors that much sooner. And because Anderson Painting is a concrete flooring company near Garner, NC, our teams will get to your home promptly and get the job done efficiently.
  • Longevity: Penntek coatings are an essential investment in the longevity of your flooring and the value of your property. When applied by certified installers, you can expect your Penntek flooring to last for decades. Plus, their beauty will make your garage the talk of your Garner neighborhood.
  • Low-Maintenance Floors: Once installed, Penntek coatings make your home concrete flooring much easier to clean and far more stain-resistant since dust and liquids rest on top of the coating rather than seeping into untreated or unsealed concrete. Simply sweep the floor or wipe it clean, no need for costly fixes.

Whether you're prepping for a home sale, remodeling, or simply refreshing a high-traffic area, start with Penntek concrete flooring by Anderson Painting for true transformation.

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