Commercial Painting

From restaurants and lawyer’s offices, to retail stores and pharmaceutical companies, or marketing firms and  schools, Anderson Painting’s commercial painting experience covers any and all commercial sites. No job is too big or too small! We carry the appropriate levels of workman’s compensation and general liability insurance coverage needed for commercial painting contracts. We work hard to accommodate our customer’s schedules, to insure we complete all painting work at the most convenient time possible.



Commercial Painting Services We Offer

Businesses of all kinds must look appealing in order to entice and maintain its customers. Painting plays a large role in this pursuit. Anderson Painting contractors cover every aspect of commercial painting so that your business looks its best both inside and out.

Interior Commercial Painting

A freshly painted interior provides a better atmosphere for both customers and staff members alike. Of course, performing this task potentially gets in the way of business operations. At Anderson Painting, we do our best to work with our clients’ schedule to find the optimal time to paint an interior. Our people also take care of every step of the interior painting process, from preparation to cleanup. We work efficiently, carefully, and respectfully so the job gets done right the first time and so you can get back to business with a revamped look.

Exterior Commercial Painting

People may decide to enter a business solely based on how it looks from the outside. This is why exterior commercial painting matters so much. Like interior commercial painting, painting the outside of a storefront or office may affect business operations. As always, our team is committed to meeting our clients’ needs, which includes choosing the right schedule, working efficiently, and thoroughly cleaning after the job is complete. We will do our best to keep the work area safe and noticeable so your employees and customers can enter and exit safely. We’ll also look for signs of damage or deterioration before we begin. This allows us to notify our clients and adjust the estimate if repairs need to be made before painting.

Paint adheres better when applied to a clean surface. Therefore, power washing is also an integral part of our preparation process for exterior commercial painting. Not only will your building look better when we’re done, it will be cleaner, safer, and more durable in the long run.

Commercial Concrete Floor Coating

Included in Anderson Painting’s commercial painting offerings is concrete floor coating. Concrete floors experience cracking over time due to shifts in the earth as well as weight distribution from machinery, vehicles, and other heavy items. When moisture enters these splinters, further damage can occur. Even if customers never see your business’ concrete floors, their durability is important  for the safety of workers. Damaged floors can become tripping hazards or worse. And in the end, they can cost a business a lot of money.

Using Penntek Floor Coatings, our team can utterly transform any garage, warehouse, showroom, or commercial kitchen. Your commercial floors won’t just look good as new, they’ll feel good as new, too. Best of all, Penntek floor coatings last more than 25 years.

Contact Anderson Painting for All Your Commercial Painting Needs

No matter what kind of business you operate or whether you need interior painting services, exterior painting services, or both, Anderson Painting has you covered. With our customer service guarantee, you can depend on our people to provide your business with the highest quality service in a respectful and honest way. Call Anderson Painting today at 919-610-1855 or email us at [email protected]!