Why Paint HOA Common Spaces During the Winter?

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Newly painted home in the winter

The common spaces within a homeowners association (HOA) have major implications for current tenants, future tenants, and the organization’s value as a whole. Clean, welcoming, modern common areas keep residents happy with their neighborhood while also attracting those who are considering moving in -- ultimately, this helps maintain and increase the HOA’s property values, benefiting everyone involved. Of course, finding the right time to renovate your common spaces is often an uphill battle. Taking care of projects like interior painting, flooring, and repairs can get in the way of residents who wish to use these spaces and make your HOA temporarily less appealing to those checking it out. Winter isn’t typically the time of year people think to spruce up their properties, but this season might actually be perfect for improving your HOA’s common spaces. Let’s discuss why.

Why You Should Paint Your HOA in the Winter

Painting Costs Are Lower

Generally speaking, HOAs pay for renovations through a portion of the accumulated fees collected from residents. As a result, most HOA’s budgets are fairly tight, forcing those in charge of such decisions to cut costs wherever possible. It’s important not to take any shortcuts when it comes to painting, of course, so it can be hard to find a reasonable rate for HOA painting while still receiving high-quality results. Fortunately, interior painting costs tend to fluctuate with demand -- when demand for these services is high, prices rise, and when demand is low, prices drop. And since winter sees the lowest level of demand and activity for painting companies, this is when painting prices tend to be at their lowest. Therefore, painting your HOA’s common spaces during winter provides a savvy way to save money without sacrificing quality.

Increased Painter Availability

Not only are painting prices lower during the winter -- it’s also easier to find painters and schedule their services this time of year. Once again, winter is a slow season for painting companies, so much so that some providers close up shop until spring. As for the interior painting providers that work year-round, however, they’ll likely have a lighter workload than usual all season long, freeing them up for longer, more intensive projects. This means you can spend less time worrying about who to hire and how to cram everything into a tight schedule and more time picking the best fit for the job and your HOA’s needs.

Exterior Projects Get Put on Hold

It goes without saying that winter is not the time for exterior painting or other outdoor projects -- there are three entire seasons designated for these tasks. When it comes to applying interior paint, however, seasonality becomes a non-factor. As long as your HOA’s common spaces feature functional climate control, it doesn’t matter how cold, snowy, or dark it is outside. Rather than waste this stretch of time, why not take advantage of the cold season and get your interior projects out of the way? Not only will you have plenty of time to do so -- you’ll also be able to focus solely on exterior projects when the warmer weather finally returns.

Beautify Your Spaces in Time for Spring

The final reason to paint and otherwise enhance your HOA’s common spaces during the winter has to do with bringing in new residents and raising property values. Few people search for new homes or plan on moving during winter -- this activity tends to surge starting in the spring. If you want to make a great impression on these potential tenants, you’ll want your common areas in mint condition by the time spring rolls around. After all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

More Than Merely Painting

By now, it should be clear that winter holds plenty of potential for HOA improvement projects. Painting is just the tip of the iceberg, too. Winter is also a great time to tackle things like popcorn ceiling removal, floor repair and installation, interior repairs, and more. Anderson Painting offers a wide range of services to bring new life to your properties, and we work year-round to fit any and all scheduling needs.

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