Why It's Essential to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Winter

calander Nov 5 , 2021 user-iconAnderson Painting
Snow on a new deck

Whether you love winter or not, there’s no avoiding it. The frigid months ahead can take a toll not only on us but also our properties. Just because you won’t get much use out of your outdoor living space during winter doesn’t mean you should neglect it. On the contrary, if you want your outdoor surfaces to withstand the winter, you must make various preparations well before the frost sets in. Let’s explain why it’s essential to prepare your outdoor living space for winter and how to go about doing it.

Benefits of Preparing Outdoor Spaces for Winter

Winter Weather Threatens Exterior Surfaces in Multiple Ways

Like any other season, winter experiences variations in weather throughout its duration (this also varies from one region to the next). Overall, though, you can expect colder temperatures, potential snowfall, ice accumulation, and biting winds. Each of these factors poses a unique threat to your outdoor living space. Freezing temperatures can cause surfaces to contract, crack, and warp. Snow and ice can weigh down surfaces and soak them in moisture. Sharp winds can quickly erode surfaces and fling damaging debris around. If your outdoor surfaces aren’t properly protected from these threats, you can expect your exterior to endure significant damage by the time winter comes to an end.

Fewer Opportunities for Painting and Repairs During Winter

Another practical reason to prepare your outdoor living space for winter is to allow yourself the time and space to do so. Simply put, you won’t be able to make certain renovations (e.g., exterior painting, repairs, caulking) to your home exterior once the cold weather settles in. You have to take care of these projects while the outside air is still temperate and offers plenty of daylight. So, don’t wait until the tail end of autumn to get your outdoor living space in tip-top shape for the months to come.

Save Yourself the Hassle of Future Repairs

The primary goal of any type of preparation is to reduce the likelihood of unwanted and unpredictable outcomes. The better prepared you are, the more control you’ll have over the situation. Thoroughly preparing your outdoor living space for winter will mitigate the season’s negative effects. This way, when winter finally leaves the station, you’re less likely to encounter damaged decking, siding, trim, and so on. While you’ll have to invest in projects like siding repair eventually, you don’t want to tackle these tasks more than you need to -- even minor renovations can become costly, after all. Do your future self a favor, then, and shield your outdoor living space from winter while you still can.

How to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Winter

There are many ways to get your outdoor spaces ready for winter. Some of these tasks are relatively simple, such as storing furniture and other non-fixed items indoors and disconnecting utilities (like outdoor plumbing) to reduce energy costs and prevent problems like frozen pipes. Other preparations require a bit more effort, including power washing and painting surfaces, re-caulking gaps, applying fresh deck stain, repairing fasteners and other loose features, and so on. You may also want to cover certain features with durable vinyl tarps to keep them warm and protected from wind and snow. Keep in mind, however, that some coverings may retain moisture if not properly ventilated (which can contribute to mold growth and rot on wooden surfaces).

It won’t be long until winter rears its frosty head -- is your outdoor living area prepared for the cold? Let the experts at Anderson Painting help you fortify your siding, deck, and other outdoor features from the worst winter has to offer. To learn more about us and all we can do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!