Why Concrete Floor Coatings Are a Must for the Outdoors Person

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Concrete floor coating on a patio

If you’re an outdoors type of person, the parts of your home in which you feel most comfortable are most likely your lawn, deck, porch, patio, and other exterior spaces. And when the weather is right, you probably can’t wait to set up your outside hangouts and breathe in the fresh air. Of course, a lot of work goes into keeping these outdoor spaces in good shape. Environmental conditions can take a toll year-round, and frequent use of these areas will also contribute to some wear and tear. Installing concrete coatings on the floors of your porch or patio can help minimize the damage done to your outdoor features so you can enjoy them to the fullest extent. Here’s why quality concrete floor coatings are a must if you want to get the most out of your home’s outdoor spaces.

Benefits of Concrete Floor Coating

Protect Your Porch or Patio from the Weather

Bare concrete floors are durable but porous, meaning dirt, dust, moisture, bacteria, fungi, pests, and other small contaminants can make their way inside and cause problems. Excessive sunlight (i.e., UV radiation) can also harm your floors and cause them to fade. Even if your patio or porch floors are protected by an awning or enclosure, these environmental forces will wear them down over time. By applying patio or porch coatings to your floors, you seal off those pores, gaps, and cracks to keep outdoor threats at bay while also providing a UV-resistant layer.

Defend Your Floors against Regular Activity

Your regional climate isn’t the only threat to your outdoor spaces. As mentioned earlier, all of the time you spend on your patio or porch takes a toll, too. Regular cookouts can cause all sorts of debris to land on your floors, for example. Moreover, moving furniture around and simply treading upon these floors day in and day out will wear them down if they’re not properly protected. High-quality concrete patio coatings are designed to withstand these various pressures. Penntek polyurea coatings, for instance, protect floors from chemical spills (and other forms of moisture) and impact, so all of that activity won’t harm them.

Make Maintenance Less of a Hassle

Spending time outside may be one of your favorite things to do, but maintaining your exterior spaces is undoubtedly a drag. Another advantage of investing in outdoor concrete floor coatings is that they reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do and make the cleaning process much easier. The smooth, glossy surface afforded by a Penntek polyurea floor coating for patios, for instance, facilitates sweeping and mopping and helps keep dust and dirt from sticking to the floor surfaces in the first place. All of this amounts to more outdoor fun and less outdoor work.

Enjoy a More Beautiful Outdoor Space

The visual benefits of outdoor concrete floor coatings cannot be ignored, either. Your patio or porch will look better than it’s ever looked before after having quality concrete floor coatings installed. You can also customize your space as you see fit since these coatings come in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles. Leave that old, drab, dusty concrete floor behind and provide your home’s outdoor spaces with a new lease on life.

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