When Is a Good Time to Tackle Window and Siding Replacement in Raleigh, NC?

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Window and Siding Replacement outside a house.

Your home’s outward condition doesn’t just impact its curb appeal – it can also affect how comfortable you are inside. After all, windows act as a transparent bridge between your home’s interior and exterior, and your home’s siding is its first defense against the elements. If either of these features is damaged, loose, or otherwise in disrepair, you’ll likely have to contend with drafts, moisture intrusion, pests, and more. To make matters worse, you can expect your energy costs to skyrocket as well.

So, you won’t want to wait too long to secure your windows and siding. At the same time, however, these projects require careful planning. If outdoor conditions aren’t just right, these projects can take much longer to complete. And all the while, your home will be even more exposed to the elements as windows and siding boards are removed. Fortunately, Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas enjoy relatively moderate average temperatures throughout the year. Still, some seasons in this region are more suitable for window and siding replacement than others. Let’s explore the best times to tackle such exterior repairs in Raleigh.

Best Times to Tackle Window and Siding Replacement in Raleigh, NC

Too Hot for Exterior Repairs?

Extreme heat can interfere with window and siding replacement in more ways than one. For starters, it’s dangerous to work long hours outside when temperatures approach or exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit, especially when the sun is out in full force. Moreover, homeowners who wish to remain in their homes during the project will have to endure these high temperatures as windows are removed and installed – no amount of air conditioning will be able to keep a room comfortable while there are gaping holes in the walls or ceilings (this is a major energy expense, too).

On hot days like this, it makes more sense for residents to leave the premises for at least a day or two, but this can present a cost burden in its own right. The hottest days in Raleigh occur between late June and August, so it’s usually wise to schedule these repairs before or after the sweltering summer.

Is it Ever Too Cold in Raleigh for Window and Siding Replacement?

Just as it’s sometimes too hot for window and siding repair projects, it can also get too cold. The good news is that winters in Raleigh are pretty mild and short. Temperatures here reach their lowest points between December and February, dipping into the low 30s at night and usually hanging around the 50s during the day. Even if you have a high tolerance for cold conditions, you won’t want your home’s interior to remain in the 40s or 50s for too long. Besides, most exterior renovation contractors take time off during winter, focusing more on interior projects and preparing for springtime. So, unless your siding or windows are literally falling apart at the start of winter, it’s better to wait until spring to invest in these replacements.

The Months that are Just Right

If June through August and December through February aren’t suited for window, siding, and trim repair, it follows that the perfect periods for such projects in Raleigh, NC fall between March and May and then September through November. Though every year’s conditions are a bit different, these stretches typically offer consistently comfortable outdoor temperatures during the day (between the low 60s and high 70s). Most homeowners keep their interiors somewhere between 68 and 76°F, so enduring similar outdoor temperatures as windows and siding are repaired or replaced isn’t usually a big deal. These temperatures also offer ideal working conditions for outdoor contractors.

Other Factors to Consider for Window and Siding Renovations

Temperature isn’t the only factor to consider when planning home siding repair or window replacement, of course. Other environmental factors, such as rain, snow, wind, pollen count, humidity, etc., must be taken into consideration as well. No one can predict the weather with 100% accuracy, but it’s best to schedule these projects during a stretch of time with moderate temperatures and humidity levels, low wind speeds, zero precipitation, and so on. In Raleigh, NC, these days are most common in the fall and spring. Of these two seasons, however, fall is probably the best time to invest in window and siding replacement since it’s slightly less rainy and features fewer allergens compared to spring. You’ll also want to make sure your windows and siding are in great shape prior to winter so you can stay warm at a lower cost when the temperatures finally drop.

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