What Colors Should I Use to Make My Small Living Room Appear Larger?

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Newly painted white living room

Many of us dream of one day having a spacious living room to call our own. That said, you don’t need an inordinate amount of square footage in your home to feel comfortable. While the only way to truly enlarge your living room is to knock down a wall and/or construct and attach some additional space, selecting the right interior paint colors can make your space seem bigger than before. Let’s discuss which kinds of color to consider using to make your smaller living room appear larger.

Best Colors to Paint Your Living Room

Shades of White

Though more of a shade than a color, white has cemented its place in the pantheon of interior painting for several reasons. For one thing, the blank, canvas-like nature of white allows other colors and features to shine inside a room. Not only does white mesh with any color scheme, but it also inherently lightens up a given color array. Because lighter colors reflect light (rather than absorb them), they create the illusion of larger, more open spaces. In other words, bringing shades of white into your living room will make it seem more spacious. Even if pure or off-white isn’t your first choice for your living room, incorporating white accents can make a difference in the appearance of size.

Try Taupe

Variations of taupe rank high on the list of common modern interior house paint colors. This earthy, neutral mix between beige and gray is calming, sleek, and versatile, fitting well with a variety of other colors. While darker shades of taupe can make a living room feel more intimate, lighter options approach off-white territory, lightening up the space and making it feel bigger than it really is -- especially if your living room offers plenty of natural light through large windows.

Blush Pink, Light Salmon

Your mind might not jump to pink shades when thinking about residential interior painting, but blush pink, salmon, and other variations can be tastefully applied to a living room with the right approach (all while making it appear larger). Light, subtle pink tones are contrasted well with white, beige, and dark green accents. When paired with strong natural light, this color scheme can create a space that’s bright, warm, welcoming, unique, and spacious without being too gaudy or overwhelming.

Light Blue is Tried and True

Some shade of blue tends to show up on any given year’s list of popular interior paint colors. Likewise, blue is a smart choice for kitchen and bathroom interiors, elevating the value of these rooms by significant amounts on average. Though not as common a choice for living rooms, light blue is another option that can make your small living room seem larger. Blue also tends to have a natural calming effect, helping to make your living room the kind of place people want to linger and relax.

Keep it Cool with Gray

Much like white and taupe, gray is right at home in a wide variety of color schemes and contexts. If you’re looking to visually enlarge your living room, opt for a lighter gray and feature white accents for maximum effect.

Contrast is Key to Enlarging a Space

While most lighter colors hold the potential to make your small space seem larger than before, contrast is the true key to achieving this illusion. If a room is all one color, it loses intrigue, shape, and depth. Rather than focus on a single color for your living room, think about painting a room two colors and introducing furniture and decor that further emphasize your interior space. The largest-looking living rooms are those with sharp accents, loads of natural light, properly placed furnishings and decor, and somewhat minimalistic designs -- at the root of all this, of course, is the right color selection to serve as a backdrop.

Have Big Ideas for Your Small Living Room?

At Anderson Painting, we know that the right color choices and their arrangement can transform your living space in surprising ways. Let us help you achieve your interior home goals. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at info@andersonpaintingnc.com!

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