Turn Your Cracked, Stained Garage Floor into a Showroom You’ll Love

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Garages are unlike any other space in a home. For one thing, they’re not technically a part of the home, though they often lead to it from the inside. The main purpose of a garage is to house vehicles and keep them safe from the environment and other people. But a garage can be so much more. Some people transform their garage into a man cave, a wine cellar, a playroom, a music studio, an office, or anything else. Many things go into this transformation, whatever it may be – and it usually starts with the floor.

Why Are Basically All Garage Floors Cracked?

Many of us probably associate the word “garage” with an image of a cracked floor. Why is this? Of course, all floors are susceptible to cracking. Garage floors are typically made of concrete. Concrete is extremely durable, meaning it should technically hold up better than any other type of floor. However, this is part of the problem.

Concrete floors last so long that many homeowners never bother to fix minor cracks in their garage floor. Over the years these cracks widen, deepen, and multiply in number due to ground movement, water damage, temperature fluctuations, and the weight of vehicles. Eventually, someone will have to fix the garage floor or the garage will become hideous and possibly useless.

How to Fix a Garage Floor

If you happen to be the ambitious homeowner who decides to patch up the floor, it’s not as bad as it might seem. Before anything, you’ll want to give the floor a proper cleaning. Because concrete floors are so durable, they can handle power washing, and chances are you’ll need this high pressure to remove all the dirt and dust buildup. After clearing the debris, collect it and remove it from the garage. Then scrub the floor and let it dry for a while.

Now it’s time to examine all the cracks and start filling them in. You’ll want to use an epoxy crack filler for this, which will help block water from seeping in and expanding. Next up is sealing the garage floor. This will cover the entire floor and protect it from further cracking. There are several garage floor sealing options, such as acrylic, siloxane, epoxy, and polyurea. For glossier finishes, people often use acrylic or epoxy floor paint. Siloxane, though duller, does a better job protecting the floor from chemicals and water damage. For the most durable and flexible option, you should use polyurea, which is composed of multiple layers, including a blend of vinyl chips. The topcoat’s texture offers slip protection, making polyurea the safest option as well.

Complete the Transformation

With a garage floor that looks brand new, you can do what you want with the space. Even if you want to continue using your garage as a shelter for your vehicles, now it will look more like a showroom. Have some friends over to see the new garage epoxy paint job or polyurea chip finish and how it makes your cars or trucks look even sleeker. Or, if you feel inspired to turn your garage into something else entirely, consider painting the walls as well. Perhaps bring some furniture in and turn it into a place to unwind or enjoy your favorite hobby.

For assistance with painting, garage floor sealing, or just about anything in between, contact Anderson Painting. We can do the whole job for you, or any part of it, including power washing and drywall repair. Call us at 919-610-1855 or send us an email at info@www.andersonpaintingnc.com for more information.

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