Top 5 Tips for Turning Your Basement into an Entertainment Center

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Basement entertainment center

A basement is the wild card of interior home spaces. While kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms all have unique and specific purposes, basements can be whatever you want them to be, whether that’s storage space, an extra bedroom, additional living space, and so on. Of course, unless your basement is already laid out and furnished in such a way that matches your vision for it, you’ll have to put in some work to make it the space of your dreams. Many homeowners decide to transform their basement into a recreation and entertainment center. If you share this sentiment, here are 5 tips for turning your basement into a haven for gatherings and relaxation.

How to Make Your Basement an Entertainment Center

1. Pick a Wall for Movie or Sports Night

If you’re designing your basement for entertainment, you can’t go wrong with setting up a large TV. But before you purchase and install your monitor, sound system, game console, etc., determine the optimal placement for this media center. While any open wall might do, some configurations might make more sense than others. Some walls, for instance, are wider and taller than others, depending on the shape of your basement. Moreover, one portion of your basement might allow for more furniture than another, making it better suited for sitting in front of a TV. Imagining how a particular setup will affect the flow of your space will help you make the right call.

2. Clear Floor Space for Games

Speaking of space, if your basement is big enough, you might think about setting up pub games such as billiards, darts, air hockey, foosball, etc. These games can consume a lot of your basement’s real estate, so, again, proper selection and placement are key. If you want to install multiple games of this nature, consider how one might affect the other if both are being played simultaneously. For instance, will someone’s pool cue end up in the line of fire during a game of darts? The more space you can clear for these games and the more strategic your layout, the more fun you’ll be able to have.

3. Refinish Your Basement Floor

Of course, game nights (or any gathering, for that matter) won’t be nearly as enjoyable or safe if everyone has to tread upon slippery, uneven, dusty, and/or damaged floors. Beaten up basement floors aren’t nice to look at, either. If you want to “wow” your guests and create a safer and more practical space for entertaining, update your basement flooring. There are many ways to go about this task, depending on your floor type and desired outcomes. Basement floor paint, for instance, can be used to color, protect, and fortify concrete floors. Other basement coating options, such as polyurea, can provide your basement floors with visual texture and slip resistance. Even if you plan on carpeting your basement floors, it’s a good idea to bolster the underlying surface before applying carpeting.

4. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh paint job will help bring your entertainment center transformation together. There are no rules regarding color choices, but take your time with this selection process. Ultimately, you want to go with colors that suit your preferences and the type of space you’re designing. Ask yourself if you want your basement to be bright and open, darker and atmospheric, or something totally unique. Interior painting and design professionals can help you make these difficult color decisions by getting to know your needs and desires.

5. Outfit It with Fresh Furniture

Finally, no entertainment center is complete without comfortable seating. You might pick out furniture early in the design process or near the end. No matter the order of your operations, always keep in mind the overall layout of your basement and the color and textures you wish to play with. Generally speaking, you’ll want to go with furniture that complements your interior paint colors and flooring while also serving your space in a practical way. In other words, don’t just install an enormous couch of any color because it’s comfy -- choose furniture with aesthetic and space in mind, too.

Entertainment Underground

There are so many ways to utilize your basement, but turning it into an entertainment center is perhaps one of the most popular and fun. At Anderson Painting, our team can help you transform your basement however you see fit through our premium interior painting and basement floor coating services. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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