The Consistent, Modern Look of Concrete and How It Lasts for 100 Years

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What do residential garages, industrial facilities, patios, driveways, and basements all have in common? They’re all prime candidates for concrete floors. In fact, concrete flooring suits just about any space, offering a consistent, modern look while outlasting most other floor types. Of course, in order to get the most out of your concrete floors, you have to take care of them. A solid maintenance routine can allow you to enjoy your concrete floors for decades to come.

Concrete Floors: Consistent Yet Versatile

Cement has been used for flooring applications for thousands of years, so it might seem odd that it can still look so modern. But concrete floors still hold up today, physically and visually. The reason for this endurance has to do with concrete’s unique ability to offer consistency and versatility at the same time. When properly installed and treated, concrete floors offer a smooth, consistent texture that complements just about any interior decor. That said, so much can be done with concrete floors to alter their appearance as desired. For instance, concrete floor paint comes in various colors; Polyurea floor coatings offer visual texture and additional sheen; and concrete polishing offers the glossiest finish of all for concrete floors. Your concrete floors can look however you want them to while still retaining their integrity.

Can Concrete Floors Really Last a Century?

The claim that concrete floors can last one hundred years is not unfounded. Concrete is porous and susceptible to damage, and when neglected, concrete floors will deteriorate over time like any other construction material. However, by regularly cleaning your concrete floors and applying polyurea floor paint or other protective coatings when necessary, you can keep your concrete from crumbling and bolster its natural durability.

The key to achieving such long-lasting floors is performing the proper maintenance for the conditions surrounding your floors. For instance, industrial settings put a lot of pressure on concrete floors, so more maintenance is required. Additional considerations, like impact damage, thermal shock, chemical spills, etc., must be taken into account. Regardless of the frequency of this maintenance, note that it is more cost effective to take great care of your concrete floors than to perform large repairs or replace your floors out of necessity. So, while you may need to invest in a new coat of paint for cement floors every 10-20 years, doing so can keep your floors around much longer.

Solidify Your Property’s Aesthetic and Value for Decades to Come

Ultimately, investing in and taking care of concrete flooring is extremely beneficial for any property. These durable, versatile floors provide a solid foundation for just about any interior. Like any other investment, you must protect it to maintain and/or increase its value. This is why when it’s time to update your concrete floors you should opt for the best polyurea floor coatings. Whatever coating you choose, make sure it is properly applied. The painters and flooring specialists at Anderson Painting can help you install, repair, update, and maintain your concrete floors, no matter how they’re being used.

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