The Best Interior Paint for Your Southeastern Home

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Giving your home a fresh coat of interior paint can revitalize or transform your rooms, depending on the paint you choose. Indeed, not all paints are created equal. Not only are there significant differences between exterior and interior paints – there are also key differences between interior paint products and brands. Finding the perfect paint for your rooms requires a fair deal of research and a solid understanding of your personal needs and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for interior painting, and what’s best for your project might not be suited for someone else. Still, some paints are objectively superior to others based on their durability and longevity.

With all this in mind, let’s explore how to find and implement the best interior paint for your Southeastern home.

How to Find and Implement the Best Interior Paint for Your Southeastern Home

Comparing Composition

When selecting an interior house paint for a given room, you should first consider its composition. Put simply, different ingredients make for more or less durable paint in certain environments. The paint you choose for your kitchen or bathroom must be able to withstand high levels of moisture and heat, whereas the paint in your living room might need to be extra-protected from direct sunlight along with scuffs and scratches.

Latex enamel interior paint is a good choice for kitchens and bathrooms; acrylic latex paint works well for bedrooms, living rooms, and masonry walls; and oil-based or alkyd paints are usually good for trim, cabinets, and doors. You can use different types of interior paint for differnet purposes, but it’s best to have a reason for doing so – and this requires knowing a thing or two about different paint compositions.

What About Color?

Most people’s minds immediately turn to color when thinking about paint options for their home. While different interior paint colors have little bearing on their integrity, it’s worth noting that darker tones will visibly fade over time whereas lighter ones will retain more of their original appearance. Beyond this consideration, paint color choices mostly come down to personal preference and regional trends. Many modern Southeastern U.S. homes feature neutral interior colors, such as off-whites, beiges, greiges, grays, and so on. Earthy tones are also popular in this region (e.g., reds, rich browns, oranges). Those who live on or near the eastern coast might adopt a maritime interior color scheme filled with blues, greens, whites, and grays.

When selecting colors, always think of how they’ll interact with one another and how they might change appearance under different lighting conditions. You might select some colors that match your vision at first glance only to find that they clash or take on a different look in certain types of lighting. Testing paint colors physically and virtually is always advised before making a final choice.

Finish Strong with the Right Interior Finish

The final component of interior paint to consider for your Southeastern home is its finish, which can be flat/matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss (also called “high-gloss”). A paint’s finish determines both its level of sheen and its durability. Glossier paints are highly reflective, easy to clean, and extremely durable – they do, however, reveal imperfections quite easily. Flatter paints can’t take as much of a hit as their shinier counterparts, but they are better at concealing surface flaws. Most interiors feature a combination of these various paint finishes based on the type of surface and its location.

Semi-gloss paints are popular choices for trim, providing visual flair and much-appreciated durability. Eggshell and satin finishes are commonly used in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. Because both flat and high-gloss finishes lie at either end of the spectrum, they’re not deployed as frequently as the finishes that fall in between them. That said, flat paints are affordable options for interior spaces that don’t get a lot of use, whereas glossy paints are best-suited for surfaces that need the most protection.

The Verdict

So, what’s the best interior paint for your Southeastern home? The answer depends on which part of your home and which surface you plan on painting. Ultimately, your interior paint ideas should be informed by your understanding of paint composition, color relationships, and finish. The experts at Anderson Painting can help you navigate the endless sea of paint types out there so you can give your Raleigh, NC home interior the treatment it deserves.

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