It's Never Too Soon to Schedule Siding Repair and Replacement Services in Wilmington, NC

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Siding is your home’s first line of defense against inclement weather and pest infestation, which makes it vital to keep this part of your property in tip-top shape. Make sure to schedule a siding repair or replacement service at the first sign of a problem. Know when it’s time to repair or replacemeb your siding, the importance of addressing siding issues immediately, tips on choosing a siding contractor, and more in this article.

Understanding the Need for Siding Repair and Replacement Services in Wilmington, NC

Timely siding replacement or repair is necessary for homes and establishments in Wilmington, NC.

Your home's siding will not fix itself. If you wait to repair or replace your damaged siding, the problem will worsen over time and lead to further issues. For instance, a tiny hole in the exterior cladding admits moisture and serves as an entry point for critters and insects. In the worst-case scenario, a seemingly simple crack on the siding may eventually undermine the structural integrity of a building.

Siding issues may also interfere with your ventilation system's ability to operate properly. The harder the HVAC has to work, the more energy it will consume. This results in higher energy bills. Damaged siding can negatively impact the aesthetics of your home, too, decreasing curb appeal and lowering your property’s overall value.

If you notice issues with your siding or want an upgrade and wonder what the best time of year for a siding installation is, the answer is typically fall. However, you can have it done year-round if you work with a seasoned and licensed professional.

Common Signs It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Home's Siding

There are some telltale indicators repair or replacement of your siding is necessary. Some signs are obvious, while others might need a more thorough look. Here are some indicators to look out for.

Visible Damages

Cracks and holes are easy indications that you need your siding to be checked. They must be dealt with sooner rather than later to prevent further damage. Warped parts of the siding might not be noticeable unless you look at it from different angles. Depending on the material, your siding may also show indications of crumbling or rotting.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

A sudden, unexplainable increase in your monthly utility bill can also indicate a siding issue. Drafts near windows, walls, or around switches and electrical receptacles will cause your heating or cooling system to work harder.

Peeling or Chipping Paint

Chipping paint or wallpaper inside your home or exterior paint peeling off could be signs of damaged siding. Properly applied paint shouldn’t be peeling off within three to five years of application. If it does, it indicates moisture seepage or the unkempt shape of the siding.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew growing in your siding, particularly near the seams, indicate moisture build-up. Mold and mildew grow only in a damp and dark environment. While not all instances of fungus growth should alarm you, you must take the necessary precautions by checking further.


Siding typically lasts 20 to 60 years, depending on the type and caliber of materials, as well as the quality of installation. Pushing your siding over its limit is ill-advised. Whether or not there are visible signs of damage, you should have your siding inspected when its anticipated lifespan is almost up.

Advantages of Professional Siding Repair and Replacement Services in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington windows and siding repairs are best left to professionals. You might decide on a DIY siding repair or replacement with the help of online guides and tutorials in an attempt to save a buck. However, DIY projects can be disastrous and labor-intensive. Moreover, hiring pros for the job comes with many benefits, including:

Higher Quality Finish

Whether it’s a minor repair or siding replacement, you can count on professionals to do a better job. They are equipped with the know-how of the intricate process of siding repair or replacement. They can root out the problems and look for evidence of further damage beneath your siding rather than just providing a patchwork solution. They can also advise you on whether to replace your siding entirely or if the siding issues call for just small repairs.

Safer and Faster Installation or Repair

Siding repair or replacement is not a simple and safe process. It entails many steps, and they all come with risks like accidents related to mishandling tools and materials. Professional contractors will know how to navigate each step safely.

In addition, hiring professionals will save you time. They can get the job done faster without compromising quality. This is especially important when you need to get your siding fixed before winter or a scheduled event.

Better Looking Siding

An expert in siding repair in Wilmington, NC, can remove the traces of damage in your siding. If the damage is way beyond repair, a professional can ensure that the new siding matches the rest of your property. They can even go a step further and offer customizations, like better patterns, colors, and cuts.

Cost Efficiency

Hiring professional contractors for siding repair in Wilmington, NC, will save you money, especially in the long run. It’s true that you won’t be paying a labor fee if you do your siding project yourself. However, the potential cost of mistakes could easily overshadow that savings. That’s only if you already have the tools for siding repair or replacement.

Moreover, cost estimation is easier and more precise if you call for professionals. You can see the pricing and the breakdown of the contract. This will make it easier to allocate a budget for the project. Most professional siding repair services also offer insurance in case things go wrong.

What to Look for When Choosing a Siding Contractor

Not all siding contractors in Wilmington, NC, are the same. Some have your best interest in mind, while others only want to turn a profit. By spending time and effort on vetting, you will likely avoid a botched job and unreliable siding contractors.

Here are a few factors you should consider when searching for a siding contractor:

  • Reputation: Check the company's website and other review websites, like Yelp or Angi, to learn about people's experiences working with the company. Aim for the most reliable contractor.

  • Job Quality: The quality of their job is of utmost consideration. After all, a subpar repair or installation of siding exposes your home to harsh elements. You may get a hint of the quality of work by looking at the company's portfolio.

  • License and Insurance: License shows that the company is officially recognized by the country, state, or city in which it operates. It means the company meets all requirements to offer services. On the other hand, insurance gives you peace of mind and protects you from financial responsibility if something goes wrong during the repair or installation.

  • Communication: Effective and transparent communication prevents misunderstandings and guarantees your needs are met.

  • Pricing: Get quotes from at least three reputable companies in your area and compare them to get the best deal. Remember that cheap service will not always save you money, while costly pricing does not equate to quality results.

If you are searching for a professional siding contractor in Wilmington, NC, look no further than Anderson Painting.

Schedule a Siding Repair or Replacement Service With a Professional Contractor in Wilmington, NC

Have you seen the signs listed above? Or perhaps you just want to update the look of your exterior? Whether you’re searching for an expert in siding installation near you or need help fixing your damaged siding, Anderson Painting has you covered. Our team has been repairing and replacing siding in Wilmington, NC, for years, and we guarantee quality work at all times. Winter is here, but you can still rely on Anderson Painting to examine and fix your siding. Or, if you’re planning for a spring siding project, now’s the time to schedule your siding repair or replacement services — we’re offering 10% off all services booked now through the end of 2023!

Our well-equipped team will get your siding back to its tip-top shape, ensuring it can protect you and your family. We are ready to fix any siding damage and replace it if necessary. In addition, we offer other solutions, including painting and floor coating installation. Contact us for more information.

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