Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors That Will Attract New Clients at Your Commercial Building

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There are multiple ways to gain new customers for your business: boosting name recognition via word-of-mouth and marketing, investing in new signage, offering discounts and promotions, etc. However, if your building’s exterior lacks visual appeal, none of these tactics will pay off as much as they could. Indeed, sprucing up your commercial exterior is one of the best ways to draw positive attention. The experts at Anderson Painting have helped countless businesses across Raleigh, NC, increase their customer base and reputation via Sherwin Williams commercial paint. Let’s explore some of these Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors that will help attract new clients to your commercial building.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors That Will Help You Attract New Clients

Accessible Beige

The advantage of this color is in its title. After all, accessible is another word for welcoming. If you want to increase foot traffic, approachable colors such as this one should do the trick. This specific Sherwin Williams exterior paint type is highly neutral and calming, evoking a sandy beach on a partly cloudy day. While this color won’t stick out the way a bright red, yellow, or green would, it serves as a versatile foundation for virtually any additional exterior colors. So, no matter the colors you choose for your trim, doors, and/or signage, Accessible Beige siding will play its part perfectly.

Agreeable Gray

Following the trend of welcoming terms, Agreeable Gray is another even-handed choice for commercial exterior painting. This color has a bit of beige in it, but it falls more on the grayscale, ever so slightly darker than its counterpart mentioned above. This isn’t a gloomy gray, however. In sunlight, Agreeable Gray offers some bright qualities without overwhelming the eye like a reflective, pure white.

Dover White

If you are looking for a white Sherwin Williams commercial paint for your building, you can’t go wrong with Dover White. This is a creamy white that offers some warmth, especially in sunlight. Unlike a stark, pure white, this color can handle some environmental wear without becoming noticeably filthy right away (this will ease your exterior maintenance concerns significantly). And like the two neutral tones mentioned before this one, Dover White contrasts well with a wide range of colors.

Contented (Green/Gray)

Green might not be the most common choice for commercial painting, but a little touch of green can go a long way toward standing out and attracting new clients. If you go too green you might become the eyesore of the block, however, so subtlety is key. Sherwin Williams’ Contended offer a nice blend of green and gray that draws the right kind of attention. Calming and smooth, this color is highly approachable.

Universal Khaki

As its name indicated, Universal Khaki is an all-around go-to tan tone for commercial and residential projects alike. Used for both interior and exterior painting, this particular khaki color is rich and slightly dark, offering a touch of yellow and gray without leaning too far in either direction. This is undoubtedly a safe, smart choice for any number of businesses.

Looking for a Particular Color for Your Commercial Exterior?

Sherwin Williams offers no shortage of appealing exterior colors for businesses across industries. If you want additional color recommendations or need someone to help you make your final decision, Anderson Painting is here. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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