Sealing a Concrete Garage Floor for Ease of Use Plus Beauty

calander Oct 31 , 2018 user-iconAnderson Painting

Unless your garage floor is brand new, chances are it’s developed some scars and cracks over the years. Even so, most people ignore these fractures and focus on other things. After all, garage floors can take quite a lot wear and tear since they’re mostly used for storage and keeping vehicles safe from the elements. Still, there are plenty of reasons to fix and seal your garage floor.

Smooth Surfaces are Better for Walking, Driving, and Cleaning

Some people utilize their garage more than others. For some, the garage serves as a workshop, a man cave, or simply a useful entry point to the home. Whatever the case may be, a smooth floor is better than a jagged one. There will be less risk of tripping, for one thing. A smooth surface is better for vehicles as well. Even though you won’t be driving 40 miles per hour in your garage, those little cracks and divots can do a number on your tires after a while, even when you’re just backing out or pulling in. Do your vehicle a favor by sealing the garage floor.

But perhaps most important of all, a newly sealed floor is a lot easier to clean. Whether you use epoxy floor paint, polyurea, or another sealing product, these materials keep moisture and grease away, which means less cleaning for you. Additionally, dust and dirt is a breeze to sweep away and you won’t have to worry about any of it building up inside cracks in the floor.

A New Floor Just Looks Better

So, maybe you’re not trying to impress anyone with how your garage looks. Regardless, most homeowners want their home to look and feel as clean and beautiful as possible. If nothing else, making renovations increases the market value of your property. Even if you barely consider the garage a part of your home, it makes a big difference. Garage floor sealing is easily the most effective way to revamp the whole look of your garage.

Some people do want to make an impression, however, and turn their garage into a showroom. The garage can become a space with real character. For those with this mindset, sealing the floor is only one piece of the puzzle, but it is the largest piece. Yes, you’ll also want to consider removing or adding furniture to your garage, painting the walls, etc. But chances are the floor will need the most attention. This is when you’ll want to look into different garage floor sealing options to decide how you want your floor to look and feel.

Overall, sealing your garage floor will make your garage safer, easier to use, and much more aesthetically pleasing. How far you go beyond this depends on how you wish to use your garage in the future. If nothing else, a fresh seal job will increase your home’s value and brighten up your garage. You’ll definitely notice the difference, especially if it’s done right.

If you’re nervous about taking on the project alone, Anderson Painting has you covered. We specialize in painting, garage floor sealing, drywall repair, and more. If your home needs anything, we can help. Call us at 919-610-1855 or send us an email at for more information, estimates, and more!

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