Painting with Patterns: Summer's Hottest Trend

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Looking to spice up your home’s aesthetic this summer? Patterned walls are coming back in style in a big way. Of course, the quickest way to introduce patterns to your interiors is by installing wallpaper, but wallpaper isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, there are many ways to create patterns using paint, too. If you’ve never attempted to paint with patterns before, this task is best left to professional Raleigh house painters. That said, with the right tools, a steady hand, and a patient attitude, almost anyone can pull off a truly unique, eye-catching patterned paint job.

The Best Painting Trends for the Summer

Painting Patterns with Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape is an invaluable resource for any paint job, but it is especially important for painting a room two colors and for pulling off patterns. Simply put, painter’s tape allows you to block off portions of a surface so you can easily paint over them and, upon removing the tape, be left with a straight, unpainted (or painted a different color) line underneath. Knowing this, you can strategically use painter’s tape to create zig-zags, herringbones, diamonds, grids, parallel lines -- you name it.

The key to pulling off a symmetrical pattern with painter’s tape is, of course, precisely measuring and spacing your tape accordingly. This is why tools such as a level, ruler, pencil are essential to achieving the best results. You might even use a projector to project the image of the pattern you desire onto your surface so you can tape over the visualization.

Style Your Room Using Stencils

One of the drawbacks of solely using tape to create patterns is that you’re often forced to create linear designs. If you want to employ a more intricate and/or rounded pattern to your home, you’ll want to use stencils. Once you’ve found the type of design you want, you’ll still employ many of the same tools as listed above, such as painter’s tape (to hold the stencils steadily in place), and a level (to ensure the stenciled pattern is evenly spaced in sections). As long as you apply the paint properly, you will end up with a surface that resembles wallpaper but is in fact painted.

Create Textured Patterns with Faux Finishes

The last way to introduce patterns using paint is by implementing faux finish techniques. These techniques refer to employing glazes, patterned applicators (i.e. paint roller heads with textured naps), and tools like sponges to replicate the look of marble, wood, fabric, aged material, and more. In other words, the patterns created using these techniques are not typically evenly spaced or symmetrical like the ones mentioned above -- rather, they are sporadic, natural-looking patterns aimed at mimicking different materials and textures. If you’re interested in such designs, consider hiring an experienced Raleigh painting provider to attempt this task, as these techniques often require great care. There is no denying, however, that when pulled off properly, these patterns can significantly transform an interior.

There are many ways to update or overhaul your home -- painting with patterns is just one of these methods, though it is one of the most striking. If you want to know more about these various techniques, and/or you want to hire someone with experience to introduce patterns in your home, Anderson Painting contractors are here to help. To learn more about Anderson Painting and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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