National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

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We love a good historic renovation, don’t you? In fact, as a lead-based paint certified firm, we’ve completed dozens of interior and exterior painting projects in Raleigh and Durham’s historic neighborhoods, with almost all of them containing lead-based paint.

According to the EPA, lead-based paint was used in more than 38 million homes until it was banned for residential use in 1978! Additionally, they (the EPA) state that if your home was built before 1940, there’s an 87% chance your home contains lead; built between 1940-1960? There’s a 69% chance that it contains lead. With percentages this high, we should all be aware and informed about the dangers of lead-based paint and best practices when it comes to its removal.

The EPA designates this week every year as “National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week” and encourages contractors and homeowners to help spread awareness of lead-safe practices. Additionally, on October 23rd, 2017, North Carolina’s Governor, Roy Cooper designated the date as “Lead Safe Certified Renovators Day”, commending, “...those contractors who have received certification and strive to implement the lead-safe work practices necessary to protect our most valuable resource, our children”.

As a lead-safe firm that takes great pride and care to ensure the safety of our customers, we’re encouraged by the recognition our state and national officials are taking to encourage lead-safe practices!

The good news about lead disease is that it is preventable! As with any preventable disease, the first step to preventing lead poisoning is education. If you live in a home built before 1978, and/or if you are planning to renovate anytime soon, it is absolutely imperative to hire a professional lead-safe certified contractor! The contractor will test for lead-based paint & will educate you on the lead-safe practices implemented to keep the lead contained and properly disposed of.

Let's all do our part to spread awareness when it comes to lead-safe practices. Encourage your family and friends to educate themselves about the dangers of lead-based paint and to always partner with a lead-safe certified contractor!

Lead-Safe Resources:

-List of Lead-Safe Certified Contractors in North Carolina: accredited.cfm

-National List of Lead-Safe Certified Contractors: index.cfm

-Lead Safety Documents & Outreach Materials: lead-safety-documents-and-outreach-materials

-Health Risks of Lead: learn-about-lead

-Center for Disease Control Lead Info-Graphic: nceh_prevent_childhood_lead_poisoning_508.pdf

You can count on the lead-certified pros at Anderson Painting to safely remove or contain your property's lead paint. We’re more than your average Raleigh painting provider.

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