Interior Living Room Paint Ideas That Will Flow With Your Home

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The living room is the centerpiece of most modern homes, providing a comfortable area for relaxation and entertaining. If there’s any room that you want to represent your home, on the whole, it’s your living room. As such, your interior paint choices in this space cannot be taken lightly. Ideally, you want to go with colors and schemes that enhance your living room’s atmosphere while seamlessly blending with the rest of your home. Let’s explore some general interior living room paint ideas that will flow with your home and bring out the best in this particular space.

Pick a Palette

Choosing a single color for a room can be difficult enough, but most rooms feature multiple interior paint colors. In some ways, selecting two or more colors is even more of a challenge – however, certain colors work better together than others, making these decisions a bit easier. A color palette (or color scheme) is a group of colors that complement each other in particular ways. Unless you want your living room to feature one color all around, you’ll want to incorporate at least three colors in your scheme to create a welcoming and intriguing atmosphere. Design experts, painting contractors, and online tools can help you come up with color palettes that work well in your living room. From there, consider adopting the tried-and-true “60-30-10” formula: with this approach, your main color is used throughout 60-70% of the room; the next color takes up about 25-30% of space; the final accents are only featured in 5-10% of your room. Breaking down your interior colors this way provides a nice balance in your living room.

Keep It Consistent

You want your living room to stand on its own, but you don’t want to shock your guests when they enter from a neighboring room, either. To create a sense of flow between all your interior spaces, try connecting rooms with a single color – this is especially important if your home features a more open floor plan with broad sightlines. Ideally, the paint color you choose to connect rooms will mesh with both your living room’s color palette as well as the rest of your home interior painting schemes. Most homeowners opt for a neutral tone such as white, beige, or grey to keep things cohesive and simple. Choosing a neutral flow-through color also makes it easier to individualize each room with accents, which we’ll discuss next.

Incorporate Strategic Accents

An accent is any color, texture, or feature that stands out in a given space. Creating accents in your living room can draw attention to a key feature (e.g., fireplace, television, etc.), break up the room for different purposes, and make the room feel larger or smaller, depending on your color choices and the level of contrast. You can use interior paint to create an accent wall, but painting isn’t your only avenue for accent incorporation. In fact, some of the best-accented features come through via decor – this brings us to our final interior design idea for your living room.

Bring Out Bold Colors with Furniture and Decor

Bright, bold paint colors have their place, but they can be risky to work with. If you’re not completely confident in your paint color selection, it’s almost always better to stick with neutral colors. Of course, you might think that opting for whites, tans, and greys will yield an uninspired, dull living space. On the contrary, keeping your interior painting neutral simply opens the door for bolder decor possibilities. A neutral backdrop works with a larger variety of color schemes, so you can easily introduce bright orange furniture, deep blue decorations, colorful paintings, and various forms of plant life – the possibilities are endless. By relying on non-painted surfaces for your bolder accents, you simultaneously cultivate a unique living room and keep it in sync with the rest of your home’s interior design. Plus, if you get tired of your current color scheme, a change-up only requires some new furniture and accessories (no new paint needed).

Make Your Living Room Truly Come to Life with Fresh Interior Paint Ideas

Your living room is the beating heart of your Raleigh, NC, home. Give this space the attention it deserves with well-informed and inspired residential interior painting. The experts at Anderson Painting have helped transform countless homes throughout this region. Let us help you next. To learn more about us and all we do, call today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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