How Your Warehouse Can Save Money by Investing in Concrete Floor Coatings

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Concrete coating in a warehouse

Every commercial renovation costs something, but these improvements should be seen as investments wherein the initial expenses are recouped over the long term for the betterment of your business. Of course, certain projects yield a stronger return on investment (ROI) than others. Installing concrete floor coatings, for instance, can potentially cut costs at your facility across the board. Here’s how your warehouse can save money by investing in concrete floor coatings like Penntek polyurea coatings.

Benefits of Concrete Floor Coating in a Warehouse

Fewer Repairs Required

Quality floor coatings are designed to extend the lifespan of your flooring by providing powerful protection from moisture, chemicals, stains, impact, and more. While no flooring solution can keep your floor from damage forever, polyurea floor coatings can remain viable for as long as 25 years. In practical terms, this means that your warehouse won’t need to make frequent floor repairs or replacements and can instead focus on other, more pressing matters. Fewer repairs and a longer lifespan translate to lower costs in the long run, so concrete floor coatings are a solid investment in this regard.

More Manageable Maintenance

Polyurea concrete coating solutions (among other flooring solutions) are also relatively easy to maintain. Worn down, unprotected floors are rough, porous, and attract all kinds of dust and debris. By sealing your floors with quality coatings, you’ll be left with a smooth, even surface that’s a breeze to sweep, dust, and mop. As a result, you can save time and resources on floor maintenance duties, which saves you money.

Reduce Liability

Exposed warehouse floors pose certain hazards to those who walk upon them. Uneven surfaces, for instance, can cause one to trip; unclean, wet surfaces can lead to slips and falls. Not only can these threats allow your warehouse to fall out of compliance with certain regulations, but they can also lead to serious injury. Generally speaking, your business will be liable for covering costs of any on-the-job accidents, so the safer your people are, the more money you’ll save. And as it turns out, concrete floor coatings increase safety significantly, offering an even, slip-resistant, highly visible surface for workers and equipment to use each day.

Lower Your Energy Bill

Speaking of visibility, the high-gloss finish offered by many commercial floor coatings can also reduce your warehouse’s energy output. The more reflective your floor is, the less lighting is required to keep a space properly visible. This might seem like a small deal, but lowering the lights a bit can have a major impact on your electrical costs over the long term.

Cost Savings with Concrete Floor Coatings

To sum up, concrete floor coatings can save you money by protecting your floors from damage for an extended period of time, facilitating maintenance duties, reducing the risk of workplace injury, and keeping energy costs low by organically brightening up your warehouse. If the upfront cost of fresh concrete floor coatings is making you hesitant about this investment, then keep in mind the long-term benefits of such an improvement. At Anderson Painting, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of Penntek polyurea floor coatings, which are durable, easy to install and maintain, safe, and beautiful.

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