How We Paint Kitchen Cabinets: What to Expect, Step by Step

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When revamping your kitchen, there is more to consider than just repainting the walls. Kitchen cabinets are a major feature of most kitchens and they can really bring the entire room together. When it’s time for a renovation, refinishing cabinets should be one of the first projects on your agenda. Anderson Painting is happy to help in this regard. Here is our process for painting kitchen cabinets.

1. Empty Cabinets

Of course, the first step to painting cabinets is ensuring that nothing is in them. Most homeowners will have already done this, but our people will make sure that every cabinet is completely clear of miscellaneous items.

2. Remove Cabinet Doors and Hardware (And Label!)

Next, we’ll carefully remove every cabinet door as well as the attached hardware. This will make painting both the doors and cabinets much easier. Hardware will be safely placed in a bag so that no pieces get lost. To ensure that we remember which door goes with which cabinet, we label the matching pairs for future reference. We will then take all cabinet doors back to our warehouse for painting so there’s less clutter in your home and so that we have more space to perform the job.

3. Cover Areas Beneath Cabinets and Tape Soffits and Edges

Of course, the cabinets themselves will stay where they are and must be painted in your kitchen. To avoid particles or paint from landing on your countertops or floor, our Raleigh house painters will place drop cloths over surfaces underneath the cabinets and cover anything else nearby. We’ll also tape the edges of the cabinets so paint doesn’t get on the walls or ceiling.

4. Clean Cabinets and Doors

To ensure that the paint or wood stain finish adheres to the doors and cabinet, we clean them with a simple cleaning solution. This can be any detergent solution that gets rid of grease or sticky material.

5. Strip and Sand

Cleaning is just part of the preparation process for helping the new coat stick to the surface. Cabinets and doors with old paint should be stripped and sanded down to create a new smooth surface for the new paint or finish. Stained cabinets and doors can merely be sanded to remove the old finish.

6. Prime and Paint

Once all doors and cabinets are cleaned, stripped, and sanded, Anderson Painting contractors will apply the first coat of primer. Standing the doors on little tripods makes painting the sides and edges easier. One or two coats of primer will do the trick. Once dried, we begin painting one or two coats of Sherwin-Williams paint or stain.

7. Reassemble Cabinets and Clean Up

After the paint has fully dried, it’s time to reassemble the cabinets. Our contractors will bring the doors back from the warehouse and begin reinstalling them, making sure to not damage any of the paint or stain in the process. Our previously placed labels and bagged hardware will make reassembly quick and easy. Once all the cabinets are back together again, we clean the area of tape, drop cloths, and materials. And, voila! Your kitchen cabinets look brand new – and so does your entire kitchen.

If you’re looking for a Raleigh house painting company that goes above and beyond, look no further than Anderson Painting. In addition to repainting your kitchen cabinets, we can also repaint your entire home’s interior and exterior, and more! Contact us today at 919-610-1855, or email us at!

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