How to Repair Drywall by the End of the Year

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It’s hard to believe we’re past this year’s halfway point. And while we don’t want summer to end any sooner than you do, we all know how quickly the back half of the year can go. As the clock ticks louder and louder, you, like many others, might wonder whether there’s enough time to complete all of your home repairs and renovations before the year’s end. This time of year is prime for exterior projects, but your interior might need plenty of attention, too. If your drywall is dinged up, you shouldn’t wait much longer to address it, especially if the damage is highly visible.

Here’s how to repair drywall by the end of the year.

Understand the Drywall Repair Process

If you don’t already know how to repair a hole in drywall, you probably don’t have much of an idea of what the process entails or how long it takes. Even if you don’t plan on repairing your drywall yourself, getting to know the process can give you some peace of mind. Indeed, most drywall repairs don’t take long at all. With the right materials, equipment, and techniques, you can get the job done in a matter of hours, if not minutes (though additional time is necessary for complete drying). Of course, the precise duration of any drywall repair project depends on the severity and location of the damage – smaller dents and holes on the flat portions of your walls are the easiest to resolve, whereas larger, deeper holes and corner damages are a bit trickier to manage.

In a nutshell, repairing drywall involves four basic steps: 1) cleaning out the damaged section, 2) filling the damaged area with joint compound/spackle and allowing it to dry, 3) sanding down the dried compound so it’s flush with the wall, and 4) priming and painting over the repair with matching paint. Read our previous blog, “How to Repair Drywall: DIY or Call a Professional?” to get a more detailed rundown of the drywall repair process.

Get the Right Stuff for the Job

The year may be on the back half, but there’s still a ways to go before it truly winds down. If you want to properly repair your drywall before the calendar turns to 2023, you still have several months to gather the necessary materials for the job (if you’re taking the DIY approach, that is). Getting to know the drywall repair process will cue you into precisely what you’ll need, including but not limited to:

  • Putty knife
  • Razor knife
  • Joint compound
  • Drywall patch kit
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Sandpaper (80 and 120 grit)
  • Drywall tape
  • Drywall screws/nails
  • High-quality interior paint

You might already have some of this stuff stored somewhere in your home. Fortunately, most of these materials are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at the nearest paint or hardware store. And once you’ve got everything you need for drywall repairs, you can check it off your to-do list as soon as you have a free day or weekend.

Hire Pros to Get It Done Fast

You’ve got enough on your plate already. Rather than worry about losing track of time and failing to get the job done, hire an experienced drywall repair contractor to knock it out in no time. Even if you know how to repair drywall down to the finest detail, you’d probably prefer to spend your time enjoying the summer and fall or focusing on other pressing matters in your life. And if nothing else, drywall repair experts will be able to complete the job much faster than you and yield superior results. Sure – this route will cost you a bit more upfront, but it will free up your time and provide precious peace of mind.

Time to Repair Your Drywall?

There’s still plenty of year left. Still, if you’re struggling to keep up with your 2022 to-do list and drywall repair is one of those items you’d rather just cross out, rely on the Raleigh, NC, carpentry and painting experts at Anderson Painting to get it done. To learn more about us and our services, call us today at 919-610-1855 or email us at!

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